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Our dedicated graphic and digital designers focus on your brand vision to create an impactful visual language for your online presence. Our goal is to create impactful marketing websites with web designs that are optimised to drive traffic, engagement, and conversion for businesses in a variety of industries. Our creative team focuses on your brand vision with a design-driven, strategy-led approach to guide the overall look and feel of your website.

Are you looking for the best custom website design company, complete with website development services that combine functionality, the most recent SEO techniques, and design to help your companies to grow your online business? Then you've come to the right place! At iBCScorp, we are experts at creating custom, 100% responsive WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify websites, among others, that are built to produce real business for companies, rather than acting as online business cards.

Our Custom Website Design Process

Kick-Off & Discovery

Our team meets with the client for the first time to discuss the project's scope, including platforms and channels, goals, target audience, existing brand strategies, and more. During this call, the project's digital strategist will gather the information needed to conduct in-depth competitor research and complete a comprehensive digital strategy.

Digital Strategy

Following the kick-off call, the digital strategist will use the brand strategy document created in the first step to create a customized digital strategy, as per the client. Each strategy is tailored to the client's objectives, target audience, and the enhancements that a website or app requires in order to be successful.

Information Architecture

Digital strategists and information architects will collaborate closely to document the current platform's existing features and functionalities. They will then collaborate to design a new and improved user experience, documenting all elements for designers and developers, and ensuring they are reflected in subsequent stages.

Design Mockups

Designers will create wireframes after the website or app architecture has been approved. Wireframes are essentially blueprints of a website that outline the structure.

Following the creation of wireframes, web designers will add colors, logos, and branding elements to create a static image-like design of how the web pages will appear to the user.

Coding & Development

The designs are moved into the development stage once they have been approved. Frontend developers will create the customer-facing interface, while backend developers will create the content management system and tie that administrative dashboard to the frontend.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the development process, and before the website goes live, team members–including developers and digital strategists–will test every aspect of the website or mobile app to ensure it functions properly and matches the original, client-approved designs.

Launch & Optimization

The new website or mobile app will be made available to the public once the platform has been built and tested. The work, however, does not end there.

The iBCScorp team will continue to monitor its performance and security, optimizing whenever possible to achieve the best possible results.

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Custom Web Design & Development

iBCScorp’s web design and development processes are superior in the market after more than 15 years of experience. Our web development processes are optimized for:

  • Measurable Results
  • Increased Brand Engagement
  • Improved Traffic
  • Ultimately Leading to Increased Sales

E-commerce Website Design & Development

E-commerce website design and development is different from just a simple brochure or informational website, it is geared more towards shopping experience or catalog management.

If you have only three products, this isn’t a big deal, but we have managed companies' E-commerce sites with hundreds of thousands of products. In this situation, catalog management is a bigger issue.

E-commerce Platforms

Examples of E-commerce platforms are PrimeAgile, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, Newegg, Rakuten, Amazon, WordPress, eBay, Etsy, Instagram, and more.

Web Marketing

We sketch the user interface ideas and get everyone on the same page. This makes our work more smoothly and the process is complete fun. We follow the process where we create detailed wireframe & mockup so that our process can carry forward smoothly.

App Design & Development

Application design and development is about the user experience. At iBCSCorp, we use a strategic approach and user testing process to make sure the end result is an intuitive end-user experience. This will provide the maximum impact for the work we do for our clients.

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Cheaper Than Hiring In-House: Why take the risk of hiring an inexperienced person when you can hire a team of experts for less?

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An Extension of You: We're here to help you grow, save time, and cut costs. Without asterisks.

We Don’t Charge by Size: All businesses have fixed prices which are not affected by the size of the business.

Revolutionary, Simplified Process: There will be no fishing for information or proposals. Choose your solution, check it out, and relax.

Happy, Non-Salesman-Like Support Team: There are no sales representatives here, only a helpful support team that is only a phone call away.

Upfront Price for Every Product: Compare our prices to those of others. All of our service prices are upfront.

No Long-Term Contracts: We constantly prove ourselves with our work. No asterisks. No excuses.

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