IT Staffing

Why iBCScorp™ for IT Staffing Needs?

iBCScorp™ has an international outlook when it comes to IT Staffing, Consulting, Software Development and Business Process Services. We have been providing Application Development and Digital Services and Outsourced Development Services since 2006. We have worked with companies worldwide from Fortune 500 companies to small startups around the world.

At iBCScorp™, our experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team can help you improve business productivity while securing an edge over the competition. We can provide you with quality guidance every step of the way, helping you foster business growth and achieve both your short-term and long-term goals, strategically.

Staffing - an Important Part of What We Do

As an IT consulting firm, we combine our technical expertise, analytical tools, and data mining capabilities to transform your business processes and build software applications as per the specific demands in your niche. Our IT consulting services help your business grow by allowing you to focus on your core areas of expertise.

We serve our clients by providing technical services for them. This includes finding, building, and or supporting software for them, or helping to provide the resources they need to do it for themselves.

We provide a whole spectrum of services from hands off where we help you find the staff or training to do it for yourselves, to fully hands on where we manage the software in its entirety as a service. We have provided companies with entire teams of developers, and we have managed entire, customized web-based services on behalf of some of the largest companies in the world.

  • Let us help you build your team!
  • Supplement your team with not only top talent, but talent which fits in your company
  • Hire us to solve a particular problem on a temporary basis by filling gaps in your current team(s) on a per hourly basis, for a project, or as contract staff.
  • We can help you implement and or support a third party product
  • We provide a software service which meets your specific need

Staffing Strategy

Strategy forms the core of an organization. iBCScorp™ is one of the top consulting firms in strategic planning.

We help organizations to develop strategic insights that foster company growth and that help companies reach their long term goals.

In today's uncertain business environment, organizations need to ensure that they create a flexible yet robust plan. They must make informed choices, communicate clearly what the plan means for each level of business divisions/functions and provide seamless execution & control mechanisms that empower everyone in the organization to achieve the plan.

Our Mission as a Staffing Company

We desire to understand the specific requirements of our clients beyond the basic job requirements. We want to understand not only the requirements positions that they need to fill, but also the profile of the candidates that will be best aligned for the company and the position. Only then can we provide candidates that not only fit the job profile, but are well aligned to the needs of the company.

This process starts with gaining an understanding of the company and the job requirements. Only then can we begin reviewing our on hand candidates and begin collecting resumes suited to the Job and position profile. From there we shortlist those that are best aligned to the company's needs. After two interviews to validate the candidate is a good fit, we schedule interviews with our clients HR staff greatly decreasing the amount of dirt they have to shovel in order to find the true diamond employees. After our clients have completed the shortlisting, we help them transition the new employee into their company.

Achieving the HR Goal

When there are potentially hundreds or thousands of persons who can fill a job, how can you make sure that your company is getting the best candidates and the candidates that are best aligned with your company?

Any recruiting company can bury your HR department with resumes. This, however, just makes more work for HR. Because we first clarified the requirements and alignment, as well as interviewed the client two times, we are GUARANTEED to provide only candidates which are a good fit. This makes it easier for your HR department to concentrate on screening the resumes according to merit and completing final interviews which we arrange.

Best Candidate Profiles

Every day our team sorts through hundreds, even thousands of candidate profiles. We have partnered with top job portals and other tools like LinkedIn and Google. We also have an Internal Database, a collection of data on candidates whose profiles exactly match with the job requirements. We literally have over 800 million profiles available to us each and every day.

Screening and Verification

Our process of screening, verification of background, and making the correct assessment is done through our developed pre-screening checking processes. This assures that we are able to provide pre-screened candidates speeding up the hiring process for your company and reducing the hiring cost for your company. We also have an Applicant Tracking System.

Corporate Training

We have done various corporate workshops with various companies. We have trainers who have training experience with Fortune 500 Companies.


Our Vision is to create a balanced work environment where talent is best aligned with the company and job position based on the 5 C’s: Character, Calling, Competence, Chemistry, and Contribution. We then recruit, assess, screen, reject, or offer and integrate staff with our clients more efficiently and effectively with iBCScorp™ than with any other company.

Recruiting IT talent for today and tomorrow

As one of the leading IT staffing companies, we partner with you to provide strategic human resources. You will benefit from our strong sectoral understanding, expertise and solutions

Increase in capacity

We fulfill temporary requirements in everyday work due to the sudden influx of new projects, an increase in customer demand and production, or a rise in cyclical demand.

Find Specialized skills

For out-of-house specialized skills that are required for a specific duration.

Meet Long-term needs

We are adept in providing capacity while you set up a new permanent team for a new line of business or at a new location.

Meet Strategic needs

Build a team using flexible resources as a way to gain a competitive edge and be more agile from a core skills perspective

Streamline your business flow by integrating our employee payroll management services so that you can focus exclusively on profit maximization.
  • Web based employee payroll management process
  • Uninterrupted user interface with 24/7 access
  • Experts at your call to assist any and every queries

Outsourcing to our payroll services allows you to focus on your expertise.

We are here to help you