React Native U.S.A.

React Native U.S.A.

React Native and the U.S.

React Native (RN) is a powerful tool businesses love using to create mobile applications using the same code as other JavaScript-based programs. Some popular U.S. mobile applications that use React Native are Walmart, UberEats, Airbnb, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Pinterest, and Wix.

iBCScorp™ is Based in the U.S.A.

iBCScorp™ was founded in the United States. The main office is based out of Idaho and has deep roots in other parts of the U.S.. While we often outsource to other parts of the world, the majority of the day-to-day operations are completed out of our Idaho office.

How can iBCScorp™ help?

App developers can be expensive, ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000. The main reason businesses use React Native is because of the ability it has to use existing code. Even with this being the case, it can be difficult to find high-quality React Native developers at a reasonable rate. Cue iBCScorp™.

At iBCScorp™, we have the resources and capabilities to hire great developers at an affordable price. With expansive knowledge of all React systems, we know who to hire, what needs to be done, and the most efficient way to do it.

Trends says it best; “React Native has become the best-known name for building complex hybrid apps that provide a natural user experience due to its advanced features and the ability to dive into native ones on each platform.” React Native is growing at a rapid pace. Because one group is able to maintain multiple platforms with RN, it is growing in popularity, not only among small businesses, but also larger companies with a lot of clout.

As the need for mobile applications are steadily increasing, as they have been for years now, the need for native software development tools, such as React Native, are rising, as well. The mobile app development space is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.5% between 2020 and 2027 ( The fact that there is so much anticipated growth in this area is a comfort to the world of software developers, 42% of whom have said they have experience with the React Native framework.

iBCScorp™ and React Native

With such an elaborate shift in needs over a relatively short period of time, iBCScorp™ has been on top of trends and changes in order to prepare for the needs of a business. We know that time is money, so having effective tools such as React Native can save you both. Being able to use the same code for multiple platforms is a huge asset to companies. Utilize the knowledge iBCScorp™ has of React Native and its developers to save your valuable time and money. We’ve got you covered!

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