What is React Native?

What is React Native?

React Native is the child of native software development and React. Native software development is building a mobile application for a specific platform, such as Android or iOS. Therefore, when you put native software development and React together, it creates an open-source mobile application framework that uses JavaScript.

How React Native Works

Because React Native is written in JavaScript, it shares the same native platform application programming interfaces, or APIs, as other apps. With this ability, Reach Native enables developers and their teams to maintain two platforms and share a common technology. React Native works by wrapping existing native code and interacting it with other native APIs via React's declarative User Interface (UI) paradigm and JavaScript.

Is React Native a Good Choice?

There are many reasons React Native can be the perfect choice for your web development project. Let's consider some of them:

Seamless Cross-Platform

React Native enables native teams to work much faster by integrating one code into multiple platforms.

Intuitive UI

React Native is a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces because React Native runs on React, which is already used in building user interfaces with JavaScript. Our developers who use React Native report that building with this framework provides an aesthetically pleasing interface. You may be familiar with the user-friendly and attractive UI's of apps such as Facebook mobile, Twitter mobile, Pinterest, Uber Eats, and Wix, which are all build on React Native.

Integrated Native Development

React Native’s build on JavaScript means your applications can piggyback off of other native APIs. That’s the beauty of it; you don't need to build from scratch if you don't want to!

Fast Refresh During Development

With React Native, you get the chance to iterate very quickly. No more for native builds to finish, save, see, repeat. This is possible due to the power of JavaScript.

Massive Support

React Native is supported by contributions from individuals and organizations including CallStack, Expo, Infinite Red, Microsoft, and Software Mansion. These companies make a huge contribution on the GitHub repository, making React Native the second highest rated platform on GitHub.

Which is Better: Flutter or React Native?

We asked our team of developers about their primary choice between using Flutter or React Native for their app development and this is what we learned from their experience.

Flutter and React Native share some similarities in that they are both fast for coding, offer faster run speeds, and have intuitive user interfaces, but then there is a significant difference in the size of the developer community, which is important for larger code repositories. Flutter's support is impressive, but not nearly as large as React Native’s. With React Native's continuous integration support, React Native developers can stay ahead of the competition.

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