React JS Development in the United States

React JS Development in the United States

React JS Trends in the US

In 2021, it was confirmed that React JS is a more commonly-used framework than JQuery, having four times more downloads than Vue.js, one of its top competitors. Not only is it a more desired platform, but employers are actively seeking React JS developers due to high demand. This, and the fact that it is growing stronger every year, is clear evidence of the positive future for React JS.

In the United States, It Can Be Hard to Find Experienced React JS Developers.

Because it is hard to find experienced React JS developers, companies hire iBCScorp™ to find staff for them domestically or abroad. As aforementioned, there is a high demand for React developers because of how many companies use React. This is why it is not always easy finding an available developer with prior experience, rather than someone who has only been using it for a year or two but is charging a competitive rate.

So, how are you supposed to find efficient, experienced React JS developers? iBCScorp™ is your answer! Businesses contact iBCScorp™ to help them find the staff needed to provide desired services. These companies also outsource to us in our U.S., Nigeria, or India locations. Having a reliable company such as iBCScorp™, who only hires the best, can take the weight off of business owners who have other things to focus on. We know that your time is valuable, so we are sure not to waste it.

React JS was Invented in the U.S.

Software engineer Jordan Walke was the inventor of React JS when he was working on the Facebook team. After being released to Facebook in 2011, then Instagram in 2012, it was released as an open source JavaScript library in May 2013. They have continued to upgrade React over the years, and now have React 17 available, with React 18 in the works.

Top React U.S. Development Company

As one of the leading development companies for React JS, iBCScorp™ is very familiar with all of the ins and outs of React. For more than 15 years iBCScorp™ has been helping U.S. companies develop applications. Since 2015, we have been helping companies with React development. We primarily do work for other U.S.-based development companies as well as companies which have their own development teams.

The Future of React JS Development in the U.S.

Some people may think, “Why React?” Does it make sense for my company to hire a React developer? The answer is YES! In a survey done by Stack Overflow at the end of 2021, they found that over 40% of professional developers have worked with React in some respect. This is a huge number relative to front-end development companies. This is evidence that React JS has a future.

Codersa reinforces that evidence with a list of “pros” regarding React JS. This list includes: it enhances productivity, has code stability, is an SEO-friendly platform, is simple to learn, and provides better front-end development experience.

Reintech also states,” React JS is not going anywhere. According to Stack Overflow, it is the number 1 web framework used by software developers across the world. Therefore, React is far ahead in competition compared to its rivals like jQuery or Vue.”

As you can see, there is plenty of evidence defending the value of React JS. That is why hiring a React developer through iBCScorp™ would be beneficial to a business, large or small.

Cost of React JS Development in the US

We all know that quality can cost. In this case, the cost of hiring a decent React JS developer can cost anywhere from $35-$150 an hour. iBCScorp™ can also cover that entire spectrum with developers with different abilities; however, because we are able to lower the cost through training and managing an international team, our rates are more competitive. iBCScorp™ has fantastic React JS developers who are very experienced so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost.


Of course there are lots of cool things about react that we love, but redux is something we really love. Why do we love redux? We often work on sophisticated enterprise level applications and it gives us more than just state management, it gives us a client-side data store that allows us to make the user experience better than ever.