iBCScorp™ Supports PostgreSQL

iBCScorp™ has in depth experience with the open source PostgreSQL database.

We have helped clients with database architecture design, database scaling, database backup, fail over, ETL, warehousing, high availability, replication services, and database server and query tuning.

Some of the tools we have used to do this include, Log Shipping, pgfoune, Sequoia- continuent uni-cluster, Slony, PgCluster, Shell scripts, Jmeter, Talend, BIRT and other tools.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Application conversions from Oracle to PostgreSQL
  • Application conversions from PostgreSQL to Microsoft SQL
  • ETL (Extract, Transact and Load) projects to move data from a PostgreSQL backed CRM to Microsoft CRM, and from PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL data warehouses.
  • Improving server performance for a medical billing company, a web services company and others.
  • Tuning queries for a web services company and others.
  • Using Slony replication on windows and on Linux for multiple clients.
  • Setting up automatic fail over using log shipping.
  • Using ETL tools to migrate data to a data warehouse.
  • Providing database architecture and design services to improve access to data, and improving application performance.

If you are using PostgreSQL, you may benefit from our PostgreSQL Tips page.