Cloud Migration Solutions

We have worked with many companies to help them integrate their system with other systems.

System Integration, System Migration, and Life Extension Services

We have worked with many companies to help them integrate their system with other systems. This is almost a daily occurrence at iBCScorp. System integration is a vital part of most successful software systems today.

Sometimes more than an integration is necessary as a business grows, evolves and changes, and as old systems become obsolete and newer better technologies become available, often a decision is made to just migrate to a new system.

While this is common, there is also the option of upgrading, improving or leveraging your existing system in a way to extend its life.

In all cases, iBCScorp should be your go to resource for System Integration, System Migration services or System Upgrade/Modification services.

System Integration

Integration has traditionally been regarded as a hectic process. Our many years of experience helps bring clarity to the process. iBCScorp™ will maintain the integrity of your data throughout the process, whether it is a one-time migration from a legacy system or a real-time integration between one or more data sources.

What are Your System Integration Needs?

System integration can be managed in many different ways by using many different technologies to meet a variety of needs. Here are some examples of ways we have helped other clients and can help your company with system integration.

  • Integrating a web based application with your ERP System
  • Making e-commerce orders appear in your accounting system
  • Serving content from a legacy system
  • Integration with social media services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more
  • Bank integrations to automate large numbers of ACH transfers on a recurring basis
  • And more...

System Migration

If you are in the process of migrating to the cloud, or transferring data from old systems to more advanced ones, iBCScorp™'s team of experienced software professionals will provide you with a full range of services to handle the difficulties associated with migrating volumes of application data from one platform to another.

System Upgrade and Evaluations of Custom Software

Often our clients have custom software applications which need to be updated to a new system. Sometimes, they just need their software evaluated to determine if it can or should be upgraded. We provide these evaluations, offer suggestions, migrate applications into new software, and provide software services which can extend the life of or bring new life into older legacy software.

Key Features

  • Evaluations
  • Suggest new data architecture
  • Create transfer processes to move data
  • Create custom software or migration processes if necessary
  • Documentation
  • Testing

What Do We Do?

Our dedicated team has successfully worked with data migration tools as well as third party tools like Talend ETL, Jitterbit, and others. We will build web services and leverage systems like, ERP systems, file transfers, REST and SOAP APIs to keep your data in sync and working seamlessly with third party tools. We have successfully worked with several industries such as Travel, Healthcare, Fitness, and many more.

Migration assessment and application porting

Application upgrade (within the same operating environment) or to a new environment

Application re-engineering for new improved business functionality and operation

Application re-engineering services

Technology migration

Data migration

Cloud migration/transition services

Learn how we can transform your business.

Advantages of Working with iBCScorp™

iBCScorp™ has a dynamic set of skilled people with a decade of experience in providing excellent integration and migration services. At iBCScorp™ we:

Provide solutions at competitive prices
Use the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies
Go the extra mile to satisfy clients

Have a project or idea in mind? We have the experts to make it happen.