Certifiable SEO™ Site Inspection

A certifiable SEO Site Inspection

Certifiable SEO™ Site Inspection

A certifiable SEO Site Inspection can be done for your website to show you the things that are being done effectively and the things that may need to be improved.

Even though I have had 25 years of working in the internet based application and website market, still I benefit from a third party evaluating our work and doing a site inspection. No matter how good you think you are or how much time you spend, there are still things that can be overlooked.

The Certifiable SEO™ Site Inspection allows other experts to evaluate your site and find areas that can be improved, ultimately improving the effectiveness of your online presence.

We offer four different packages, or an “a la carte” custom package just for your company.


Free Site Inspection (Normally $100)

This is perfect if your site is small and you are just getting started and need a little guidance to help you make some steps in the right direction.

Basic Digital Marketing Inspection $99 (Normally $300)

Small Business(SMB) $900 today only $499

This is perfect for any small business. Working with one of our digital marketing specialists on this package will help you know how to really make your online presence work for your company.

Enterprise $2000 Now only $999

It doesn’t matter if your site is new or has been online for years, we guarantee that it can be improved. Small improvements in your digital marketing can have a long term impact on your ROI from digital marketing efforts.



FREEBasicSmall BusinessEnterprise
Look and Feel
Page experience
Hierarchy and links
Broken Links
Human Readable Sitemap
SSL Certified
Website speed test-
Mobile speed test-
Search Engine Performance
Valid Sitemap for Search Engines
Current Sitemap
Auto generated Sitemap
Indexed pages
Canonical URL
Alexa Rank
Friendly URLS
Google Analytics-
Google Search Console-
Bing Search Console---
Sitemap Submission Search to major engines-
Pages being crawled and indexed-
Structured data enhancements to improve quality and traffic-
Relevant traffic-
Quality outbound links-
Quality Inbound links /backlinks---
CDN Usage Test
Our webpage is serving all images, javascript and css resources from CDNs.-
Image Caching Test
Our webpage is not using uncached images from our domain.-
JavaScript Caching Test
Congratulations! Our website is using cache headers for all JavaScript resources.-
CSS Caching Test
Our webpage is not using uncached CSS resources from our domain.-
JavaScript Minification Test
Some of our website's JavaScript files are not minified!-
Google My Business Setup!--
Google Maps Evaluation--
Social Media Inspection
Facebook0 Pages0 Pages2 Pages4 Pages
Any as per request----
Page Inspection # of pages
0 Pages1 Pages5 Pages10 pages