Technology Support and Maintenance

As the technology upgrades, the software that supports it must also undergo support and maintenance services.

24/7 Technical support & Maintenance

Software development is an iterative process. As the technology upgrades, the software that supports it must also undergo support and maintenance services.

Businesses need to keep pace with fast-changing technology trends. Experts who can provide consistent technology support services are crucial to continued success

We provide comprehensive and end-to-end support services

IBCScorp has a strong professional history in delivering remote technical support to our clients all around the world. Our technology experts work with clients in a variety of industrial sectors to provide exceptional maintenance and support services. Because of our innovative team members, we provide a range of advantages to our clients.

We offer end-to-end software, web, mobile, and cloud application development and provide complete support and maintenance services to our existing clients by taking the following steps:

  • We design scalable architecture, which helps to sustain low maintenance costs.
  • Our ongoing maintenance includes bug-tracking and fixing, technological upgrades, and basic feature enhancement.
  • We have a rapid response time. We always respond to client inquiries and feedback within 24 hours.
  • Few support services are explained in detail

Database administration and support

IBCScorp understands that the success of a business often depends on how the business's data is managed. Data management, access, and security are at the core of our database technology. Our database management services include hosted in the cloud, on-premises, hybrid models. We particularly like Amazon RDS and have helped clients migrate their database services to the cloud.

DevOps services

DevOps as a Service recommends a new ‘culture’ that ideally bridges gaps between the core operating teams i.e., Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops), for increased collaboration and enhanced productivity. IBCScorp, with over a decade of proven excellence in IT, has a team of experts who can provide you with an effective DevOps implementation strategy.

We provide our clients with services encompassing several capabilities such as iterative and incremental development, workload management on-demand, lightweight architecture, security and automated testing techniques.

SAAS applications

We focus on cost-effective & metrics-driven execution to maximize value for our clients. Our development teams build software solutions that are high-quality, scalable & easy to maintain. We focus on cost-effective and metrics-driven execution to maximize value for our customers. After deployment also we offer 24/7 support and maintenance services so that our clients products are not only supported but continue to evolve. An example platform we support is PrimeAgile. We make sure the application servers, and database servers are properly maintained and backed up. That security is maintained, and that database migrations run smoothly.

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Few support services are explained in detail

Cloud based services of pretty much any type.

Software can do almost anything you can imagine. Today computer programs make our lives easier and more convenient. We develop, support and evolve SAAS platforms four our clients as well as help them maintain platforms created in house or by third party providers, or open source providers.

We can do development work around the clock

We provide best software development services i.e, Reliable. On-time. On-budget. We offer 24/7 Full-cycle software development services designed to help your business grow.

We can write content and do SEO and other digital marketing Work around the clock

We provide digital marketing services that allow businesses of all sizes to advertise their brand 24/7 at a low cost. A digital marketing company can assist you to increase your specialised market reach to offer goods and services to your target consumers regardless of time differences or geography, from startups to medium-sized enterprises to multi-location businesses.

Technology Support and Maintenance Services

If you have an application and you want us to build, update or maintain we can provide you maintenance services. Our team of experts has experience and knowledge on a wide variety of technologies, including Java, JavaScript, Spring Boot, REACT, VUE, .NET, PHP, SharePoint, Salesforce, Android, iOS, and Cross-Platform frameworks.

Our cost-effective Technology Maintenance Services include:
  • Addition of features
  • UI enhancement
  • Application enhancements, configuration, and change management
  • Complete testing support
  • Technological upgrades
Hire a full Technology Support and Maintenance team at the cost of a single developer and let IBCScorp help you leverage technology to keep your system up to date and secure.