Custom Poster Generation


Legacy Custom Poster Generation Tool

One of our larger clients had a legacy custom poster generation tool that was nearing end of life. It was so old in fact that they could no longer find the libraries to support it, so it was extremely difficult to keep secure, or even to backup or to migrate to a new machine. They approached us to help them manage the application which we did.  

Later we migrated the application to PrimeAgile on the cloud and extended the lifetime of the application for almost another decade.

We also integrated the application with SAP so that the users and access for the users could be managed inside of SAP.

This application allowed overlaying watermarks, logo's images and text over the top of other images so that large format posters could be generated on the fly, printed and shipped to the client.

This solution was not only used by thousands of large companies throughout the US, but also by the company itself in India, the Philippines and Mexico.