PrimeAgile Custom Java Framework


PrimeAgile™ is a development platform upon which applications can be developed quickly and inexpensively for use with multiple computers on a network. PrimeAgile™ excels at image management and web design.

Why PrimeAgile™

So you want to build a web application, but you don't want to build it from scratch? You don't have the time or resources to invest in such an escapade?

You have two options. You could replicate an existing application practically copying and pasting code. Otherwise, you could use a framework that has an established way of doing things and all you do is plug in components to get your application up and running.

The problem with the former is that you might not have the right support you need when you are trying to "plagiarize" code. What's more is the code might not cater to your exact needs. However, the latter will be backed by a support community and reliable code that is built to do just that - be used as components as part of a whole!

What is PrimeAgile™?

Well, essentially it is a custom Java framework application created by iBCScorp™. Do you want to build a web-app with convenience and simplicity in Java? Then PrimeAgile™ could be just the framework for you!

It fills a gap in the market for a great, flexible Java based rapid development framework. At iBCScorp™ we take pride in keeping things simple - simplicity is at the core of all our products and services.

PrimeAgile™ requires very little configuration and its distributed technology makes it easy to deliver on the cloud. It is a Java / JSF rapid development environment developed by iBCScorp™ over the last 20 years. Using a modular approach to software development, its ready to roll-out enterprise level components makes it easy to quickly build an application by pulling together multiple modules.

The framework has built in components that make an application easier and quicker to develop, and to make that application more scalable. It also has many pre-built enterprise components that can be used as building blocks for an application. Some of these building blocks include: E-commerce, Catalog Management, Vendor Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Profile Management, Content Management System (CMS), and a flexible workflow system that can be configured to work with most processes. It also has a marketing campaign management tool for managing both e-mail and non-e-mail based marketing campaigns.

Typically delivered as an Software as a Service (SAAS) model, it has capabilities to run in multiple languages and holds reverse engineering code at its core, paving the way for an abundance of programming power.

iBCScorp™ is committed to utilizing cutting edge technology in all of our projects and PrimeAgile™ is a prime example of that. We are THE experts in Java FX and JSF - contact us to get your next web-app project started!