Mobile Application Development

iBCScorp’s development team builds both standalone and integrated mobile applications. We also optimize existing sites to run on mobile web browsers.

Mobile Application Development for Mobile Sites

Businesses are increasingly getting orders via iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. As a result, demand for mobile sites is on the rise and will continue do so in 2012.

Mobile Application Development for iPhone and Android Applications

The iPhone or Android Application market is booming due to the rapid increase in online activity on mobiles. We have been inundated with innovative, unique mobile application projects. For example, we recently completed an application for a pet store reminding clients to bring their dogs in for care or for wellness checkups. The application proved to be a hit with the pet store patrons.

Furthermore, don't forget that mobile Applications is a great platform for social media promotions as well which opens the door for even more interaction possibilities with your clients and potential clients!

Mobile Application Development and Mobile Application Types

iBCSCorp's core strength in mobile application development lies in managing data. If you are building a social application which allows profile management and uploading data to a site or to a social network via registered accounts, then iBCScorp is an excellent choice.

However, if you are looking for a highly graphical game for example we could do this with the help of our design partners.

Mobile and Website Integration

We have the expertise to integrate mobile applications with websites allowing visitors to upload a quick video, photo, or post or even have event reminders.

If we are instructed to build both the mobile application and the website, we build the website in such a way that the backend to the website brokers the data for both the website and the mobile app using the same web services and business logic.  This allows the administrator  to easily modify and maintain both the website and the mobile application.

This may not be the case with standalone projects, but we have the expertise to build applications that successfully integrates with existing sites and vice versa.

Browser Based Mobile Apps

If you need a browser based mobile application we recommend  java JSF 2.0. Java JSF 2.0  allows the website and the mobile app to run side by side paving the way for simplified maintenance and  fast code delivery.

Mobile Application Development - Native based Android and iPhone Apps

We specialize in native application development using the native Andorid SDK or IOS SDK for both iPhone and Android devices.  The cost of native application development is comparably higher to browser based apps but it is a more robust system as it uses hardware and software features already built into the phone and doesn't rely on mobile browsers.

Can't decide between a browser based or native mobile app?

Our development team would be delighted to help you decide the best mobile app that fits your needs. Contact us today!