Full Services Website Development

Full Service Website Development Services

Tired of waiting on hold for support?  And then only get a link sent to you linking to a "how to" do it yourself manual?  With iBCScorp there is no RTFM ("reading the fun manual").  We are professionals, and we do it for you.  

Why are we a full service website development company?

There is an unlimited way to publish content on the Internet. However, after more than 20 years of building internet-based applications and publishing content on the internet we recognize that even the best of us needs to rely on a team of experts to get everything correct.

iBCScorp provides that team. In fact, this is the reason we are a full-service provider. We have editors who teach at colleges and who have master’s degree edit content. We have experts who do nothing but SEO looking at keyword priority, density, tagging and other search engine related items, and we have some of the best designers in the world making sure the content is nice and provides a good user experience.

It is impossible no matter how good a person thinks they are to be an expert in everything.  Don't be a Jack of All Trades, focus on what you do best and let professionals at iBCScorp make you look good.

Website Content Creation

Perhaps in most companies the best person to create content is the CEO, Owner, or maybe head of marketing, or the inventor.  A CEO or Owner should be able to articulate what their company does better than anyone right?

I would like to suggest, however, that no matter how small the company is, that persons time is better off spent directing and checking.  And while they should provide general guidelines and direction, that behind them needs to be a team of writers, editors, SEO Experts and designers to make what they are trying to articulate clear, easy to understand, and easily found.

iBCScorp provides exactly this team.  

Content Experts for Content Creation

While we would like to say that we have content experts for all areas of content, this would be untrue.  As mentioned in the previous paragraph, most of the time content experts exist in the companies we serve.

We act as an extension or magnifier of their expertise helping them articulate their content, ideas and image to others via the Internet.


Website Editing

Editing isn't what it was in the 90's.  Editing is done not by an editor, but by an editing team each with their own area of expertise.  There is an editor who is an expert in the language of course.  At iBCScorp language editors have worked at universities, or have masters degrees.  

In addition to language editors we use SEO experts,  Designers, and Programmers edit content.

Website Design

Why do we have a designer edit content?  Because "An image is worth 1000 words".  Well thought out and placed graphical content can make the difference between content that is read and understood and content which is glossed over entirely.  Creating a professional website or even just a professional page, is best done with a professional team.

Website Programming

Your probably thinking why is a programmer required for a simple web page?  Well most of the time it isn't.  But sometimes a little JavaScript can help make the page easier to navigate, a form easier to use.  Because we are a software development company our in house software developers are on hand to help provide optimizations and programming as necessary.

Website Hosting

There was a time around 1997-1998 when we actually hosted our own servers in our own office.  In fact our first server or two sat under the desk of the owner of iBCScorp.

Later we delivered world class work to large companies who hosted their own sites in data centers.  We later discovered that even though they had more IT staff than we did, they where not experts in website hosting.  In fact we discovered this when a large hospital client had their site hacked.

Today, we try to avoid having our clients deal with hosting.  We provide websites as a service using primarily PrimeAgile™.  This allows us to provide a 100% guarantee to our clients on everything we deliver as long as they are using PrimeAgile™.

Of course we can do work on WordPress, or other platforms, but we prefer the PrimeAgile™ guarantee.