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Do It Yourself Digital Marketing

“Do it yourself” digital marketing is a difficult job, even for the most experienced digital marketers. The best approach for a digital marketer, or a small digital marketing team, is to determine what things they can do best themselves, and when they should outsource digital marketing. This allows them to get the greatest return from their digital marketing efforts. Even professional writers, for example, use an editor to make sure their content communicates what it should, and that the content is effective and clear of errors.

Which digital marketing services should you outsource?

All marketing teams are faced with limited time and resources. Because of this, it is important to selectively choose which items to do in-house, and which items to have done by an external team. Leveraging an external team allows in-house marketers to be able to focus more on core competencies.

Consider outsourcing digital marketing efforts which don’t require your in-house expertise:

The marketing services below are highly specialized or technical in nature, and are often delegated to a digital marketing agency or consultant.

Website Design

If you have an excellent designer in-house, you might consider doing the website design in-house. If you don’t have a professional designer in-house, then website design outsourcing is very common, as well. If you have an in-house designer who designed your corporate identity, then it makes sense to have the same person design the website. If that person has a lot of other work to do, then having him direct the work done by one of our designers is certainly a good, and perhaps better option, because then he is able to leverage the expertise of a third party, and still review and direct the work himself or herself.

Website Development

Website development is different from website design. Website development is applying that design into a functioning website, which requires a different skillset. Website development done correctly is very technical. It is easy to overlook details which can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the site. Some issues often overlooked include things like responsiveness for different screens, generating and regenerating and publishing of the sitemap for search engines, meta data, structured data, time to load, image sizes, 403 redirect, a custom 404 page, etc.

Customizable and SEO-friendly (search engine optimization) website development done by iBCScorp attracts ideal customers and helps your business grow; however, designing and building your website requires a lot of time and resources to perfect. Perhaps your in-house team, or you yourself, could better spend their time running your business. Our experienced team of professional digital marketers and designers provide you with a cost-effective method of increasing your visibility online and attracting new customers. Our company values diligence and timeliness, allowing us to provide you with top-notch products in a prompt manner.

Creative Branding

Marketers typically hire agencies or dedicated designers for major branding or rebranding projects, and for good reason; bad design is obvious. However, more importantly is having the perspective of a third party who does branding every day, and who might see your brand from a fresh perspective. For smaller businesses, it’s tough to justify having a full-time designer on staff, and even then, in-house designers may not have significant experience with the intricacies of branding work like logo creation and style guide development.

Design is another field where practice makes perfect, so it’s often best to outsource major branding efforts or multi-channel design projects rather than hiring within. Our designers are consistently working on new projects and honing their craft. Additionally, we have designers with different specialties at your disposal.

Content Creation

Arguably, the best person to create content is the experts within a company. However, a PhD neurologist may not be the best person to communicate difficult topics to a non-knowledgeable person. If their target is other neurologists, then they absolutely need to write it themselves. We don’t have a neurologist on staff who could write that level of content. Although, if the target is a customer, then perhaps a marketing agency like iBCScorp would be the most appropriate choice for compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

With a highly trained content team, you’ll be able to create informative, relevant, and fresh content that helps readers build trust in your brand, convincing them to purchase your products and services.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another area which is very technical. Even experts who do it every day are continually updating their skills and learning new, and ever-changing things about how best to optimize web content for search engines.

Let us help you increase your online visibility to drive more top-of-the-funnel leads through SEO. When your website is search-optimized, potential customers can easily find your brand online using any device. A high ranking on search engine result pages helps with consistent lead generation.

Our skilled writers and SEO analysts will improve your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to boost your online presence.

Paid Media

Paid media like pay-per-click (PPC), seems really easy. In fact, it is, because the people you are paying are very good at making it easy for you to pay them. However, the responsibility to get value for the money you pay is on you. Having a third party help you optimize the result from your spending is very beneficial if you don’t have a full time PPC manager in-house.

Invest in a smart, results-driven media strategy to support your SEO efforts. Pay-per-click ads, display ads, and branded content, enhance your audience targeting, reaching your ideal customer through the websites and platforms they frequent.

iBCScorp offers affordable paid media outsourcing services to boost your digital presence. We make sure you get the best results for your ad-spending by determining the most effective types of ads to use, where to use them, which customers to target, and when.

Social Media

Many marketers engage in social media themselves, and this is great. Most of us, though, are too busy running our companies to spend our days on social media. This is another area that is great to give to a digital marketing outsourcing company to work on. If one person has to come up with ideas, generate graphics or videos, and then post that content every day, it is almost impossible to do anything else.

An outsource digital marketing company can create personalized interactions with your prospects and existing customer base in their favorite social media channels. Social media offers an opportunity for you to veer away from a corporate tone and engage with your audience in a more conversational manner.

Our social media specialists will create powerful content to entice engagement from your target audience, increasing your visibility online.

How iBCScorp Can Make a Difference

Dedicated Specialists for Any Project

Our team of educated, digital marketing specialists undergoes comprehensive training and, when applicable, certification programs, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to execute a successful campaign. We have the expertise and the latest tools to plan and execute digital strategies aligned with your short-term and long-term marketing goals.

A dedicated project manager will handle your account, personalizing your experience. With a project manager, you can raise any concern or question about your campaign and receive a quick response.

In-Depth Knowledge of Different Industries

From the writers and web designers, to the SEO and PPC specialists, our team has an extensive knowledge of different industries. Expect a digital marketing solution that is tailored to your industry, products and services, and customer base.

Cost-Effective Services

Outsourcing a digital marketing agency lets you save on operational costs. You won’t have to hire a full-time, in-house team, which means you don’t have to pay for additional employee insurance, compensation, or benefits. Additionally, iBCScorp offers customized packages depending on which marketing services you want.

Global-Standard Outsourcing Services

Serving local and international businesses, our services meet global standards and consistently exceed client expectations. We consider organizational and cultural factors to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your campaign.

Quick Work Turnaround

You can depend on iBCScorp for diligence in meeting deadlines, making sure you’re on track with your overall marketing timeline.