iBCScorp™ LinkedIn Training

iBCScorp™ LinkedIn Training

A few minutes of LinkedIn training can put you months ahead of others.

All iBCScorp™ staff members are required to participate in general LinkedIn training. Sales and recruiters additionally participate in Sales and Recruiter LinkedIn Training.

Why is LinkedIn training necessary?

There are so many reasons why LinkedIn is an extremely important business tool today. We encourage every iBCScorp™ staff member to create a personal account on LinkedIn. For so many reasons, LinkedIn is the best social networking tool for anyone who wishes to find people, companies, and businesses, and also to be found by recruiters when searching for a job.

LinkedIn Statistics show:

  • LinkedIn has 360 Million active users
  • It’s available in more than 200 countries
  • 3 Million companies use LinkedIn for recruitment and staffing
  • 77% of Jobs posted are posted on LinkedIn

How does LinkedIn training benefit the company?

As part of iBCScorp™’s social media policy, we want everyone in the company, and all of their connections, to talk about us. This way, we become more visible on social media. Social media has proven to be a very effective marketing tool, and LinkedIn is a perfect way for us to encourage our words to be seen. Before our employees set themselves up on LinkedIn, and in order to use it more effectively, we want them to understand the items in this training.

Your Professional LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the most significant ways you may be found by those who are looking to connect with professionals such as yourself. It is most professional to have a picture that clearly shows your face with limited background distractions. A good professional profile photo may be a headshot taken in a studio, or with another neutral background.


Another important part of your LinkedIn profile is your headline. A good headline shows what your current position is, skills you have, your education, and your general whereabouts. For example, if you set in your profile that you currently work at iBCScorp™, it will also show in your headline. We want you to craft a good headline for two reasons:

  1. The words in your headline become keywords when someone searches for specific details. Having those keywords makes your profile more likely to appear in a search.
  2. It give recruiters and others searching for you a good summary of experience, skills, and education.

Jobs, Roles, and Experience

This section is also a great way to show what experience you have and your professional growth. Look at it as a CV or resume. It is important to note that the keywords in this section also work to your advantage.


The next section to complete is your summary. Imagine you are in an elevator with someone you want to hire you. What would you tell them in the fifteen seconds it takes to get from the fourth floor to the lobby? You would share your most relevant experience for the job you are seeking, your education, the type of job you want, and why you are the most qualified candidate. This sums up what should be in your summary. But remember- a summary is short, it’s not a novel.

5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make On Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. You are not connected to the right people.
  2. You do not have a profile photo.
  3. You have a boring, generic headline.
  4. Your profile lacks keywords.
  5. Your profile is not public.

If any of these issues apply to you, take a look at the tips shared in this article. Consider what would make a profile more appealing to a recruiter.

Progress Check

We will continue to check for progress made in regards to this training. Complete the following checklist to determine how far you have progressed in your own profile.

  • You have a professional profile picture with a neutral background that clearly shows you smiling
  • A clear headline that includes iBCScorp™ as your current employer
  • A concise, easy-to-read summary
  • A well-crafted experience section indicating you work with iBCScorp™
  • You have plenty of engaging content posted on your page. This will also reflect well on the employees section of iBCScorp™’s LinkedIn page



Be sure to watch the two videos above in their entirety, and be prepared to take a short quiz to analyze your comprehension.

Questions and Answers

How does LinkedIn training benefit the individuals who attend?

LinkedIn is more of a professional tool than a social media platform. If you can work on completing your profile and be active on LinkedIn, then you are on the right track to being found, especially if you are actively seeking opportunities or are interested in your career growth.

A recruiter is more likely to view a complete profile, so be sure that yours is. It is also important to post regularly, so you have more traffic. If you are ever at a loss for what to post, you can always repost the daily content from iBCScorp™.

What courses do we recommend to our staff?

In order to learn more about LinkedIn, we would recommend the following professional courses or trainings:

Why are the sales and recruiter trainings hands-on?

Sales and recruiter training are customized to the needs of the sales or recruiter team. There are many tools available for sales and recruiting on LinkedIn. Each company also has its own sales and recruiting processes. For example, if the company is using Sales Navigator, that would be included in the training. If they are not, then it would not make sense for it to be included in the training.


What we hope to achieve from this is professional development of all our staff, because iBCScorp™ is mindful of the growth of all of the members of our team. We hope to continue offering this kind of training to help everyone become better in the long run.