Custom Software Developers Nigeria

iBCScorp™ NIGERIA can provide you with dedicated software developers to optimize your business processes, increase your customer base, and maximize your ROI through flexible custom software development services.

Custom Software Development Nigeria

iBCScorp™ is a community of global developers which develops applications across the world. Nigeria is a growing provider of custom software development services.

History of Custom Software Development in Nigeria

Upon the advent of the internet, software became a necessity for business success almost immediately. Banks were the first to integrate custom software into their systems. Their goal was to reduce the crowding in banking halls, especially in big cities. Overtime, using bespoke software became a means to solve other pressing needs in the banking sector including accountability, reliability, and efficiency.

Today, companies like iBCScorp™ which are success-oriented are providing custom software at an affordable price. This is different from the past experience of custom software development in Nigeria where low-quality, non-interactive, and no user experience software are developed at a very high rate.

iBCScorp™ is at the forefront of advocating for the reach of custom software products in cities that are not considered competitive, cities like Portharcourt, Owerri, Benin, Calabar, and Kanu.

Growth Rate of Custom Software Development in Nigeria

Custom software development is gradually growing with businesses that are not considered powerful, including schools, SME's (small-to-medium enterprises), and entrepreneurships, migrating to custom software usage. Custom software provides them with the all-in-one tool to manage their business processes. For example, a school using iBCScorp™ Custom Software can plan meetings, schedule timetables, interact with parents, send and receive reports, and upload exam results on the software product. Furthermore, an entrepreneur can use our custom software development tools to bring their products to life. It may be difficult to imagine it, but that is what our custom software is for.

Custom software in Nigeria is growing at an accelerating rate. Software companies are springing up day-by-day, which makes every reasonable business wonder who can actually provide bespoke software that is smooth, efficient, adaptable, and scalable.

Why iBCScorp™ is the Best Option

We are the best when it comes to custom software development. We have more than 15 years of experience under our belt, and are based out of the United States of America; this means that we give you the best at a reasonable cost. We are your partners, not your enablers. We believe that we can only succeed when you succeed. These are the reasons why you should consider partnering with us:

  • World-class Development Team: We have an efficient and robust development team consisting of developers, designers, marketers, and account officers that works tirelessly to get your product up and running
  • Distributed Workforce: We have a distributed workforce, one of the best in the country. This gives us the opportunity to share ideas so that your custom software products can be second to none.
  • International Agency: We are an international company with presence in major technology-driven countries such as the United States and India. We're offering the Nigerian market nothing less than amazing quality.
  • Cost-Efficiency: We're not costly, but we're not cheap either. We give you bespoke software solutions at a cost that matches your budget and goals.

We Provide Services in All Major Cities


Lagos is the largest city in Africa, boasting of roughly 15.3 million people. It is growing, it is competitive, and it is an international city where things are happening, so of course we are providing the best custom software development for companies there.

Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is an oil-based city, but companies of various sizes need custom software development, oil-based and others alike.


We have excellent technology schools from whence we recruit and run the local React Development Meetup. Owerri is an education-based economy, and iBCScorp™ is doing its best to reinforce the education hub it is.


iBCScorp™ is expanding to Benin, the oldest business hub in Nigeria. We're partnering with companies and businesses to provide them with the custom software development they need to enhance and grow their businesses.

Why Do Companies in Nigeria Outsource to iBCScorp™?

  • We are on the ground locally
  • We have local developers
  • We train with our team worldwide
  • We have local account managers and marketers to make sure your project is successful
  • We have an efficient workflow system
  • We work with you even after a project is completed
  • We have over 15 years of experience in the field, so companies can trust that we can deliver
  • We have a whole team, including accounting managers who are present or reachable in all major cities, such as Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Ebonyi, Owerri, and Benin.

Because iBCScorp™ is an international company, we offer you not just what is on board but also what is obtainable internationally. We have a strong presence in the southeast region of Nigeria. In contrast to technology companies that are clustering in big cities like Lagos and Ibadan, we offer bespoke software solutions in places you'd never think of finding it, so you don't have to move to a new city to get your work done. iBCScorp™ is based out of the United States, which means we offer the same high-quality product your might expect in Silicon Valley or Silicon Slope.

Why Do Companies from Outside of Nigeria Use Our Nigerian Team?

  • Because our Nigerian team is global, we cross-train with people around the world, and local resources for them to work on projects and remove communication barriers.
  • Nigeria is a growing economy and English is the native language.
  • The Nigerian talent is a proof that opportunities are not evenly distributed, but talent is.
  • We have an effective project workflow.
  • iBCScorp™ Nigeria is well-trained to work in an internationally focused environment. Communication is not a barrier.

iBCScorp™’s team members are equipped with reliable tools such as PC's, headsets, specific software, secured internet connection, virus free software, and original (not pirated) software. We have knowledge of the use of digital tools for collaboration in a remote working environment. The first thing we do is train our team members on how to use these tools for efficient workflow. Our Nigerian team is adaptable to a fast changing environment and adaptability is one of our key advantages. Also, we have a proven focused team. Team members often work independently and in groups.