iBCScorp Corporate Values

iBCScorp Corporate Values

Corporate values, like personal values, evolve. Values evolve as we better understand ourselves. Our ability to recognize and state our values also changes as we learn to differentiate and understand them and how they may differ from those of the world around us.

Why Post our corporate values?

Many companies may not consider posting their corporate values a high priority, or even writing them down. For us, it is a very high priority.

Our corporate values define who we are, the decisions we make, and ultimately what we do on a day-to-day basis both individually and collectively as the iBCScorp global family, and as teams within that family. Though we come from different cultures around the world, we try to align ourselves with universal truths and values that transcend local customs and cultures.

It is our opinion that every company should have defined corporate values to reflect upon on when making decisions that impact our profession team and our clients.

In short, values drive our behavior and determine who we are.

Examples of how corporate values define us

Here are some specific examples where corporate values dictate our behavior:

  • Deciding who to hire (Links to Aligning Staff with Corporate and Team Values)
  • Letting people go (Links to how to let a team member go in India) (links to how to let a team member go in the US)
  • Editing and content creation in our daily job (Links to our content creation services)
  • What businesses we accept as clients.
  • The kinds of marketing material do we create.
  • And everything else we do.

Should we be concerned about the values of others?

ABSOLUTELY! YES! We must be concerned about the values of others.


As a consulting and staffing company, we try to help our clients hire individuals who are highly aligned with their corporate and team values.


Every customer, every employee, everyone with whom we do business affects our corporate environment. If they are well aligned with us, there is a high probability for thorough communication and a positive outcome.

Our Corporate Values are:



Being Truthful

It isn’t enough to just say things as we see them. When we share our opinion or advice with others, we must do all we can to make sure it is 100% truthful and accurate. Reposting or sharing information that may not be accurate is not being truthful.

Being responsible

Being responsible for the things we say, the products we represent and the work we do

Having Integrity Means

Integrity means being completely honest in everything we do. It means being open and unashamed because our actions reflect our values. It means keeping our word and doing what we say we will do with exactness as best we can. It means keeping our iDeliver promise by only making commitments we can keep.


Our moto “I Deliver” is our personal declaration that we do what we say we will do. This means we don’t make promises we don’t keep, and we always do our best to be as accurate with the truth as we can.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It does if you aren’t doing it. But if you are doing it in your life, then you know that it is in fact very hard. Having integrity with others, requires that you have integrity with yourself.

Here are some examples:

  • When will you have a project done?
  • What time will be home for dinner?
  • Are you going to have one more drink than you told yourself you where?
  • Are you really going to get up when you set your alarm?
  • As a triathlete, my personal favourite these days, are you going to train 6 days this week like you committed to yourself you would?

It is almost impossible to have complete integrity, even with yourself, but that is our value and our expectation of ourselves.

Things that indicate lack of integrity include


As we do content development for ourselves and our clients, plagiarism is a very big deal to our company. Members of our team who plagiarize are not allowed to be part of our family. Not that we don’t like them just that that behaviour though it is a common practice in web content development it is unacceptable for our company. It doesn’t align with our values. Here is link to our definition of Plagiarism (what is plagiarism) and our (Plagiarism policy)

Lying and exaggerating

Seems obvious right? But as our staffing and recruiting team can attest to, lying and exaggerating the truth is an all-too-common practice. Part of our job is to filter out the individuals who exaggerate or lie on their resume about their work experience, salary, training etc. Once due to covid we even had a person have someone else interview remotely on their behalf. Having a senior person interview on their behalf made them appear to be more knowledgeable than they were to get a job

Blaming others

Blaming others is another thing which indicates lack of integrity


Having Charity Means

Having charity means seeing and valuing others as ourselves

Charity Includes

  • Empath
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Acceptance
  • Equality

Things that indicate lack of charity include

  • Being Judgmental
  • Gossiping
  • C
  • riticism that is not growth producing>


Humility Includes

  • Having a growth mindset
  • Recognizing the gifts (positive personality traits) of others
  • Listening

Being Humble Means

Listen to others, understand their point of view and to be more respectful of our clients, co-workers and their situations.


Includes :Tenacity

Clarifying statement : Though we have a lofty vision, we are a small company. A small force in a big world. Still, we don’t give up, but do our best to accomplish our mission


Includes :• Thirst for knowledge


Skills We Promote


Includes :collaboration


Includes :listening and Seeking clarification


Includes :Believe – faith

Clarifying Statements : We can turn problems into processes which can be repeatedly applied to solve that problem for ourselves and our clients

Transformational Leadership

Clarifying Statements : We help people and organizations become their best selves.