Corporate Partnerships

Become an iBCScorp™ Corporate Partner

iBCScorp™ is a social unit of talented people dedicated to providing high quality computer development services coupled with integrity and a cordial temperament.

As a research, development, and support company iBCScorp™ provides back-end development and programming services to designers, ad agencies, venture capitalists and other market influencers.

iBCScorp™ currently employs 30+ full-time, dedicated development programmers and is not a broker or agent. Our goal is to provide reliable, competent, and affordable services to help our partners and clients become more profitable. We believe the success of our company also comes from helping your company be more profitable and successful.

iBCScorp™ does this by offering affordable fixed services that are easy to resell, or to include in a product or service offering. The iBCScorp™ service model may also help in the development of future projects and opportunities.

If customers come to you with pure programming jobs which you, the influencer, may not want to be involved with because it is not your core competency, or because you are too busy, we pay a referral fee based upon the value of the work to be performed.

Our consultants have excellent training and many years of experience making them an invaluable resource. If you need an iBCScorp™ consultant to be with you on any important calls or customer meetings, we can do so with notice.

We are here to serve you.

iBCScorp™ is eager to work with you as a Corporate Partner on the following basis:

  • Purchase our products which can easily be re-sold, or used to offer to your customers.
  • Custom Programming jobs that are outsourced or referred to iBCScorp™.