Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

A content management system, or CMS, is software that allows you to create and publish content to the web without having the technical expertise of a web developer. CMS software is helpful for both single and multi-user projects. Content management systems are versatile, and can be used to organize data and share proprietary information securely within an organization. They basically allow you to create and edit content, publish images, organize information, and basically build your website in a way that is unique and customizable to your specific needs.

Why Choose iBCScorp™ for CMS Help?

Maintaining a website could be a whole lot easier with a content management system.  You can put a stop to the days when you relied on a web developer to update your website.   With a easy interface, you can create and update web pages in seconds. iBCScorp™ specializes in content management systems. Be it a general website or an e-commerce one, we can help choose the best content management system for your website maintenance needs.

As a software development company, we create many different types of websites for individuals, small businesses, and large organizations. We design dynamic, database driven websites in various languages. Our expertise is developing web-based software… leveraging open source platforms and tools. Our services include:

CMS Integration

Using high quality XHTML and CSS code, we integrate your design with CMS systems. Here are the most popular CMS engines we use: 

  • Basic CMS (Joomla Wordpress, etc… best for publishing)
  • Advanced CMS (Drupal, Silver Stripe, etc.)
  • Small e-commerce (VirtueMart, WP e-commerce, OpenCart, etc.)
  • Advance e-commerce (Magento, Spree)

iBCScorp™ will cut and code AI or PSD files provided by you, to a content management system of your choice and also build, configure, test and support e-commerce sites.

We can also help in customizing and modifying your additional plug-ins, beyond the standard basic HTML, CMS, or e-commerce site.

Password Protected Directories

Do you have some sensitive information on your website that you don't want others to have access to?

No problem!

All you have to do is have iBCScorp™ install a password protected directory. This will only allow those with your password to access the sensitive information you want protected. The concept is simple – everyone uses passwords on a daily basis. Password protected directories make it extremely, if not impossible, for others to hack or have access to your information.

CMS Training

All of the different CMS platforms iBCScorp™ offers are easy to understand and use – even if you are completely lost when it comes to internet based products.  In addition to these different platforms being easy to use, iBCScorp™ will spend one hour on the phone training you on your specific completed website and also one hour of follow up question & answer time.

The training will include instructing you on how to:  

  • Add a page to your site
  • Add picture, video, or media to your pages
  • Add posts to your blog
  • How to edit existing pages/posts 

Why are Content Management Systems so Popular?

A CMS will revolutionize the way in which you update and maintain your website! A content management system allows you to be in control of your web content, allowing you and your team to update your website according to your needs now and in the future. By using a CMS to organize and publish your website, you invest in a long-lasting, professional web presence for both now and tomorrow!

iBCScorp™ will integrate your design with high-quality CMS software, and give you all the training necessary to create and edit your CMS website! Contact us today to explore how we can help power your website with a CMS.