Website Creation & Digital Marketing

Website Creation and Digital Marketing for Real Estate Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Expert

Client Background:

Our client, a real estate company, is a dynamic, world-leading commercial real estate advisor consultant with good annual turnover. They have expertise in surveillance, loan assumptions, loan workouts & OMX (Off Market Xchange).


The main challenges for the company were brand awareness and domain authority. Though they had a great depth of knowledge of the subject, they were new to the internet space, and their domain was new with no domain authority.

Brand Awareness

The company wanted to build their brand as one having authority in their domain. Being the market leader in commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS), they wanted their brand to be easily recognized.

Domain Authority

You may be the expert in your particular field, but unless it is well presented, and presented in a way that online users and search engines alike can place your site accordingly, people will not recognize that expertise.

Don’t be the best kept secret.

We made our clients' business shine with beautiful web design and SEO services. We helped them publish content, and leverage their expertise to drive traffic to their website and help them grow their company.


iBCScorp™ started a digital marketing engagement with the client in 2007. Our approach was to first study the existing data.

We conducted market research, followed by keyword analysis, and then developed a strategy that, when executed correctly, led to SEO success. Finding the right balance of keyword usage and subject relevance is critical to this success.

Then, using all the keywords, both long-term and short-term, we created SEO-friendly website content. We targeted keywords using certifiable SEO keyword score to target the keywords and phrases which would provide the quickest ROI.

We built a beautiful website, with an excellent blog, case studies, testimonials, and so on.


The client has grown exponentially, added an additional office, and went from few staff members to a very large and professional team. With the help of iBCScorp™, their return on investment is easily over 100x.