Superb by Design

iBCScorp™ Partners with Superb by Design for

Internet Business Consulting Services and Superb by Design are pleased to release the site The site was created using Superb by Design's artistic abilities supplemented by iBCScorp™'s web programming skills.

“Vision, Passion, & Excellence,” are the words that best describe what Janus Homes stands for. Janus Homes is a home construction company known for their quality homes. Beautiful examples of their work can be found on their site, proof of what their skills sets and abilities are in home construction.

The Janus Homes website was created using a Joomla CMS. iBCScorp™ created the back end functionality for their site that enables content management for their various construction projects. The administrator can edit and update information on the site as needed and on their own time. This tool will allow contractors to send updates to the builders and home owners. The CMS will help to better manage each construction project.  There was a lot of custom Joomla / PHP programming done to provide the project management capabilities

Superb by Design, a web design firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio partnered up with iBCScorp™ to do the web programming for Janus Homes.

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