Spring Boot Trends of 2022

Spring Boot is a Java framework that makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade spring-based applications that you can run seamlessly. Recently, Spring Boot has become a popular framework for web application developers, though it might not be the most popular development framework, it prides itself of an absolutely no code generation and no requirement for XML configuration. We've seen some trends the past year. In 2022, what new trends do we expect to see? Walk with me as I review some of them.

1. DevOps

We'll see new trends like DevSecOps on the DevOps side in using Spring Boot. With all the attacks, vulnerability, and security breaches causing several issues around the different networks, DevSecOps involves the integration of an agile security network that figures out security issues and then incorporates the new technologies for keeping away all sorts of hazards. There will also be more ways to build applications with tools available in continuous delivery and DevOps.

2. Java 9-17

Any development team using Java should think of putting their budget into learning Java itself. Though Java hasn't made any dramatic changes to the language since Java 8, there is a need going forward to learn the little things Java 9, Java 10, and Java 17 have to offer. The future of Java is less about staying “hip” and more about laying the groundwork for unparalleled Java proficiency.

3. RESTful Web Service

APIs (application programing interfaces) are already ruling the world of enterprise software, so what new trends do we expect to see? As far as the low code/no code pattern, we'll see an easier way of developing webforms with fewer codes for professional developers and a “no-code, drag-and-drop” pattern that makes it easier for anyone with no previous coding knowledge to develop web applications. Furthermore, APIs are moving beyond the two-way synchronous communication mechanism between a client and a server.

4. Spring Security 5.0

Spring Security 5.0 is on a big upward trend, and with the recent addition of new features, as well as support for Spring Framework 5, developers will have to learn and use it's new features like OAuth 2.0 login, reactive support, and modernized password encoding. All of these features are aimed at improving Spring security.

5. Spring Boot 2

There's a steady improvement in the Spring Boot Framework versions, with the newest release including fixes for CVE-2021-22060. The release includes 55 bug fixes, documentation improvements, and dependency upgrades (Spring Blog).

6. Big Data

In the future, we'll need to understand big data in association with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other technologies. Spring Boot is an important framework for understanding and processing big data. An understanding of Spring Boot plus Spring Batch will be what developers and data analysts alike will need going forward.

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