Fast Websites

Speeding Up Your Website is Important

Why ?

Well the natural understood reason is that internet users expect immediate results. If a page takes too long to respond to a request, the user will likely go elsewhere.

Until now, this has been ignored by search engine ranking except of course when it was so slow the crawler moved on.  But now Google will help these users by including speed of a page when determining page results.  This means additional signal "page speed" will now not only effect user experience but also affect the ability of the users to find your site on google in the first place.

Google considers over 200 signals when determine search rankings.   That's right over 200.  That is why SEO work can be so complicated.  There is new signal partner announced by google. “Site Speed”.   Site Speed is basically site loading time. Maybe 90% of your page is fast but one item on that page takes a long time.  Well that could hurt your search results.

If you are web master or blog owner you can test your site loading time in glance. There are loads of tools to check up on this signal.

  1. Page Speed - Firefox/Firebug add-on that evaluates the performance of web pages and gives suggestions for improvement
  2. YSlow - a free tool from yahoo to suggest site speed
  3. WebPagetest - shows load performance and optimization checklist
  4. Webmaster Tools, Labs > Site Performance - If you are using Google Webmasters Tools, you have in built site speed checker in there.

In addition to having a faster sites that improves user experience and ranking, faster sites also reduce operational cost. According to google this new signal will not effect not more than 1% of search queries.  But in future it will be a definite signal when ranking sites.

Now it's time to look at and good idea to increase your web site speed, and certainly if your building a new site or doing ongoing development, it is something you need to consider.   Smaller sites have an advantage when it comes to site speed.  If you have big site with loads of images and videos, it is time to correct and optimize those pages to help with your Google SERP's (Search Engine Results Page).

Performance is important to us.  If it is important to you and you would like us to evaluate your pages please contact us.  We can do a free evaluation and make recommendations to improve the performance of your site.