Sample Testimonials

What Does a Great Testimonial Look Like?

Here are some sample testimonials.  Well, they are real testimonials actually.  If you need help writing or getting testimonials, please read our article about how to write a testimonial.

These sample testimonials are from some of our clients.  As they were for our website, they are short and brief. Also, here is a testimonial template.

“iBCScorp™ has reasonable prices and their project management was excellent.  They did a great job on my website, I will continue to use them!”  – Mark  – SLC, UT

“iBCScorp™ was the perfect fit for us. They were both affordable and efficient. I was very impressed with their Search Engine Optimization work they performed. They are a great company to work with.”

“We would hire iBCScorp™ for further modifications to our website.”

“We got a good website for a great price. We were very pleased that we got orders within weeks after the site went live. The site is easy to administer and use.”

“We contracted with iBCScorp™ to help us with our Magento website. They were very affordable and always responsive to my needs. They also did an SEO audit that was right on point. As an SEO expert myself, it was good working with a company that did not add any fluff.”

“iBCScorp™ created my website and helped make it easy to manage. I can add, update, and edit the content on my own. Although being good at what they do, the thing that I am most impressed with is their integrity. They honor their commitments. They are a wonderful company to work with and I would recommend them to anyone with web development needs.”  -Chad Hawkins