Internet Business Consulting Services (iBCScorp™) is pleased to release The website was completed using a Drupal Content Management System (CMS) and the site contains information about some of the happening clubs in the Orange County and Los Angeles, California areas.

“Looking for a lively place to grab some drinks with a friend? This is your place!” Locals and visitors alike can find out where the nearest bars, restaurants, and venues are located through the website. Specific information such as singing bartenders, themed weekdays, karaoke DJ's, and when happy hours are can all be found through the site. It is definitely a place to network and find out where the happening places are in the Orange County and Los Angeles, California areas.

With the LA2OC website you will always, "know where to be." The site will have detailed information about all the bars, dining, and entertainment for the two greatest regions of the United States. The site will focus mainly on the North and South Beach Cities areas, Central, Northern, and Southern parts of Orange County.

iBCScorp™ was instrumental in creating LA2OC's website using a Drupal CMS. The site will enable the administrator of the site to update, edit, and add content on their own. The design work for the site was completed by Harvey Fang.

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