Requesting Testimonials

Requesting Testimonials

Recently we wrote an article: "". 

We have also written articles about the importance of a testimonial for improving credibility here: and some sample testimonials here:

In this article we discuss how to request testimonials.

Testimonials Template

As a follow up to our other articles, we wanted to provide a template for testimonials.

The template for writing a testimonial is quite simple:

Who, What, Benefit, Signature.

Example 1:

"iBCScorp™ helped Primeagile™ improve its SAAS offering by rebuilding it on newer more modern technologies improving customer satisfaction of our service. " 

James Cluff

Chief Architect

traffic through SEO and helped us communicate our companies services better to its clients.  As a result our business has grown

Who is the testimonial for

By who we mean who is the testimonial for.  In the above example 1 the testimonial was written for iBCScorp™. It could also be for a person, team or any relevant group or organization.

For example lets make another example for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and have that be the who in our next testimonial.

What is the testimonial about

Later in the testimonial, we are going to talk about the benefit we received from the who in the testimonial.  The what is what that person, group, or organization did to bring about the benefit that we received.

It is a good idea to be specific so that someone who isn't aware of the situation can understand the what.

In the above testimonial 1 the what is "

You can find more example testimonials here.

Here is an example letter to request a testimonial:


Recently we worked with PrimeAgile™ to help your business focus its marketing efforts on your products and services.  Specifically your internationalized CMS tools, CMS workflow and your certifiable SEO Toolkit.  I would appreciate it if you could in turn help us out by providing your testimonial about our services.  We will place the testimonial on our website along with an article about your company and its services and a link to your company.

If you are particularly busy just now as most of us are, please let me know what we did right and I will write it for you and send it along for your review.

Thank You

James Cluff