New Brand Launching

SeaShell Sandals: New Brand Launching an Online Store- eCommerce Website Creation and Digital Marketing

Client Background

Our client created high-quality footwear and wanted to introduce a new sandals brand from Sri Lanka to the global market. They are experts in designing quality footwear in all price ranges including sandals, flats, heels, sneakers, boots, and more. Our company helped them to develop a wholesale website and establish sales in the United States.

Website Development and Design

We created a wholesale website by registering the domain name, which included extensive research to find the type of domain that could be associated with the shoe brand, as well as maximize search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities.

Because we use Agile methodologies in planning and development, we first created a design mockup and had it reviewed by the client before proceeding with the development of the wholesale shoe website.

Brand Awareness

We then proceeded to raise brand awareness to increase sales. We also put a lot of our focus on social media to raise brand awareness.


To make an online business successful, it is important to create web content with high SEO to make the website search-engine-friendly and one of the first results a customer sees when searching online. Digital branding consists of a combination of digital marketing and internet branding to create a significant brand online.

Marketing is one of the most important things to think about when creating a new business, or expanding your current business. This was also the case for SeaShell Sandals. We helped them create a brand to raise awareness of their company and products. This has an added benefit of increasing SEO.


In 2007, iBCScorp™ began a digital marketing engagement with a client. Our strategy began with a study of the existing footwear market. Then, we worked on our competitive analysis, which focuses on our competitors' strategies.

We researched likely customers’ demographics such as gender, age, and location. We considered keyword analysis, which helped us get more organic attention later on. Based on our client's needs, the website content was dense with keywords, which increases SEO.

Overall, our website design, development, content, and digital strategies enabled us to compete with top brands and achieve a high ranking on the search engine results page.


The client received a positive response from all over the world, though our target audience was the United States, so we did our off-page and on-page tasks in such a way that we received many sales from the United States.

Our client is still going strong today, with great sales in his stores.