Maternal Miracles Doula Care

Maternal Miracles Doula Care

Jayden Weekes is a trained birth professional in Northern Utah, serving Logan, North Logan, Cache Valley, Ogden, Brigham City, and other surrounding cities. In order to improve marketing for her services, she contacted iBCScorp to help her develop a brand, business cards, and a website.

About Maternal Miracles

Maternal Miracles is concerned with the reproductive healthcare needs of women. Jayden Weekes is a childbirth professional who provides emotional, physical, and educational support for mothers in every phase of pregnancy, including postpartum needs. Her mission is to assist women in having a safe, memorable, and empowering birth experience.

As a trained birth professional, Jayden makes herself available to mothers to answer their questions and address any concerns that may arise during the pregnancy. Jayden is well-versed in all major medical aspects of labor and delivery.

With a doula like Jayden Weekes as a support, women are less likely to have pain-relief medications administered, and are less likely to have a cesarean birth, or C-section. Women have also reported having a more positive childbirth experience when working with a doula.

About iBCScorp

iBCScorp is an Idaho-based software development and digital transformation firm. We have been assisting businesses in successfully overcoming complex digital challenges for over 12 years. iBCScorp enables businesses and individuals to grow by giving you the opportunity to concentrate on your core competencies.This allows you to implement change and serve in your own unique ways without being buried by the common, yet often time-consuming, aspects of your business. Our services are the industry standard for startups, small businesses, and enterprises all over the world. We not only create software, we also offer website design and development, digital marketing, staffing, and a variety of other services.

Why iBCScorp is a perfect fit for Maternal Miracles:


We believe your brand is, without a doubt, your most valuable asset. Your brand identity is more than just a logo; it is your company's personality, and it will be critical in delivering your brand consistently across all channels, both online and offline.

iBCScorp assists you in creating the ideal message, logo, website, and marketing materials for your brand. When connecting multiple elements within your brand, such as colors, your logo, and your typography, we follow a set of rules to create a unified identity.

Business Card

The business card represents your company's brand. Not only does it convey important personal contact information such as a name, title, email, website, address, and phone number, but oftentimes it is also the first exposure to the overall image of the business.

iBCScorp helped Maternal Miracles to create their business cards, which further helps them promote their business and impress their clients.


Having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business online. iBCScorp designed and developed the website for Maternal Miracles in order to establish credibility as a business. As a result, clients have good visibility in terms of their return on investment as their potential customers increase.

Jayden does a lot of promotional marketing in her local community and on Instagram.

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