International Women's Day 2022

Celebrating International Women’s Day at iBCScorp™

International Women’s Day is a time to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. It also gives us a chance to bring attention to issues such as gender equality and violence and abuse against women.

The United Nations theme for this year is "gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow." The purpose of International Women's Day is to honor women's accomplishments in all aspects of society.

At iBCScorp™, we imagine a world where men and women are treated equally, a world without prejudice, stereotypes, or discrimination, a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world, a world in which diversity is cherished and celebrated. We can achieve women's equality by working together. We can all #BreakTheBias if we work together.

At iBCScorp™, we have an inclusive work culture where women's careers thrive and their accomplishments are celebrated. We have a very happy work environment where women from various regions of the world are working.

Here some statements from a few of our female employees about their roads to accomplishment:


Tanuja Dey, “I've always worked hard on myself, above and beyond everything else. I believe that women are not weak; we are strong enough to fight and win every opportunity that comes our way. I had to work hard to get where I am today, but I was fortunate to grow up in a family where there was no discrimination between boys and girls. I was always told that if boys can do it, so can I.

My academic and professional lives have always been roller coaster rides, but I've enjoyed the ride so far, and there's still a lot to do. I am grateful to iBCScorp™ for believing in me and allowing me to be a part of the organization, and I believe we have a long way to go.”


Gayatri Dubey, “ I'm from Koraput, which is in northern Odisha, and it's a small town with few opportunities to explore. However, I've always wanted to get a good education and travel the world. From a young age, I was dedicated to obtaining government scholarships and pursuing a career as a civil engineer. But, because I've always enjoyed challenges and didn't find enough motivation in my desk job, I changed careers at the age of 26 to become an SEO specialist. I'm now happily working on my career. I'd like to express my gratitude to James and iBCScorp™ for recognizing me and providing me with an opportunity, as well as believing in me. I'm very happy and proud to say that I work for them.”


Abby, “When I was in school, the most important thing I learned was to write. Just by learning to write I was able to obtain scholarships to get me through my degree program at the University of Utah where I met women from all over the world. Women’s literacy, education, and employment have come a long way even just in the past few decades. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue writing as a content creator at iBCScorp™ and for the equality I receive in the workplace.”


Maren, “First and foremost in my life, I am a wife and a mother. From the very beginning iBCScorp™ has allowed me the respect and flexibility I need in order to take care of my family and still pursue my career. Even though my baby still occasionally pops up in a virtual meeting, James and the other staff members are always kind, understanding, and patient with me. While I believe that women should have every opportunity that men have, I am grateful that I still have the right to do what I have always wanted to do with my life: be a mother.”


Sindu, “Firstly I would like to thank my parents for choosing me as a daughter. To start with my personal life I was the 1st person who has done higher education in my entire family. Obviously I am so happy because my parents and family members are proud of me. And all my cousins, also younger brothers and sisters have taken me as an inspiration, now they are graduated. So This is my first achievement I could say and I am so glad for this. My dad graduated but he ended up being a businessman, So he trained me a lot to reach this professional position.

So, gender never matters to do good things and inspire the people around you.


From our President

My name is James Cluff. I am the president of iBCScorp™. I take great pride in the diversity of our international workforce. I am very grateful and proud of the women of iBCScorp™. They are needed in our workforce and make meaningful and significant contributions every day. As a global organization it is important to our company that women have the same opportunities to grow, develop and be promoted as men.