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How to Use Google My Business Profile to Get More Customers 

Setting Up A Google My Business Profile for Your Business: How Important is it?

Just like a physical office or shop where people come to meet you either for consultations or to purchase your products, your online presence is used for the same purpose. A Google Business page will help to drive both foot and online traffic to your business. It should be your first step in planning your online business strategy.  Google My Business shows searchers where and how to visit your business. A Google Business profile can also improve your local SEO seeing as how your business is more likely to appear when people search for a nearby business on Google Maps.

All You Need to Know About Google My Business Pages

Google is the world's most visited website. According to, Google currently holds more than 92% of search engine market share. Setting up a Google Business profile allows your business to share in all of the advantages that come with Google’s larger online visits. Setting up your Google Business profile is simple, yet technical. Understanding all of these technicalities can play out to be advantageous for your business.

Factors for Google Rankings

Before you set out to set up your Google My Business page, it is important to note that Google determines local search rankings based on multiple factors. One of the most significant factors is the relevance of your Google My Business listing to the search that is made. If your business listing includes keywords that someone searched, your page is more likely to show up higher on the list of results.  Another factor is the location of your business in relation to the place being searched and the prominence of the business. Business prominence refers to how well-known your business is; this factor is determined by things such as SEO, links, number of views, and review score.

How to Set Up Your Business Profile


If you already have an existing business account with Google, sign in to the account. Otherwise, create a new Google Business Profile.


Enter your business name or choose from the drop down menu. Click ”Add Your Business to Google,” then select the appropriate business category. Click “Next.”


If you have a physical location where customers can visit your business, select “Yes.” You may be asked to position a marker of the location on the map. If your business does not have a physical location but offers in-person services and deliveries, then you can list your service area. Then click “Next.”


Next, enter all of your contact information, especially your phone number and website. If you prefer not to be reached by phone, make sure you have a reliable method of contact available for your customers.  After checking to make sure your information has been entered correctly, click “Next.”


At this point, you need to enter your physical address. This information will be used by Google to verify your business and is not available to the public.

Click “Next.”


When customizing your business profile, you will have to enter your business hours, set your messaging preferences, and add a business description and photos. We will go into more details on how you can optimize your business profile in the next section of this post. After these tasks are complete, click “Continue.” You will then be taken to the Business Profile Manager dashboard.

From here you can manage your business profile, view insights, manage reviews and messages, and create Google Ads.

A Noteworthy Reminder

There are a few common mistakes businesses might make while setting up their Google Business profile.

1. Not Verifying Your Business Profile

 Verified business locations are “more likely to show in local search results across all Google products like maps and search,” per Google documentation. Further, the documentation says that neglecting to verify your Google Business profile will cause you to face the risk of not having Google serve your profile up to its potential.

To verify your business profile, Google will send you a five-digit code. Upon receiving the code, you'll have to enter it on the next screen (assuming you are on the verification section of setting up  the profile), or you can visit to complete the process

2. Neglecting to Add Images and Videos

Including a current image of your business and its current engagements shows that you are being attentive and staying on top of things. Be sure to use images that are consistent with your brand identity and with those on your social profiles. For example, if you are a landscape architect, it would be beneficial to show yards and locations you have worked on yourself. A photo of you planning a space, planting vegetation, or laying rocks can go a long way in communicating what your business is all about.

To add images on your Google Business profile, follow these steps:

1. From the dashboard click on “Photos” on the left bar menu.

  • Remember to add your logo and a cover photo
  • To add additional photos of you and/or your group working, click “At work” or “Team” on the top menu of the photos page and add photos there, as well.

2. To add videos, click on the “Videos” tab and follow the steps provided.

3. Not Adding Relevant Keywords to Your Profile

It is important to add as many keywords to your profile as possible. This will increase the Google search engine’s ability to put your listing higher on the results list and helps it recognize what your business is all about. Adding relevant keywords also works for your local SEO strategy.  As a company, iBCScorp™ understands the huddles of keyword strategies. Our verifiable SEO strategy works to help clients get the best results in their SEO goals. We work hand-in-hand with clients to meet all of their SEO goals. For more help on search engine optimization, get a certifiable SEO site inspection (links to or contact us to get a free consultation on how we can help your website improve. (link to contact us)

4. Have Plenty of Reviews and Answer Questions

It is imperative to convince Google that your business listing is authentic and relevant to customers’ needs. Above all else, you need to show that your business is different from the numerous others offering similar services to yours. To do this, try to get as many reviews and positive comments from your customers as possible. This might feel overwhelming at first, but sometimes starting with friends and family who are familiar with you and your business is a great way to get the ball rolling. Keep in mind that the best time to ask for a review is after providing a positive, memorable experience.

5. Business Information Is Not Up-To-Date

Google Business page’s setup is not a one-time thing; you must come back every so often to update content and information. This way you know that customers can get the most reliable information they need to be informed about what your business offers, including the different services you provide.

6. Not Adding Products, Special Features, or Attributes

It is important you add all of the different products and services that you offer based on their different categories. Your product categories also serve as keywords, so when customers search for words that are included in your products and/or service descriptions, your business is ranked higher on the search results.

7. Neglecting to Take Advantage of Google's Free Marketing Tools

Google offers businesses access to a free marketing kit ( including stickers, social posts, and printable posters. You can even create a video! Never reject or ignore help. Publicity and advertising is one of the most important aspects of a business, and it is essential that you do so in order to bring people to your business. Free or inexpensive resources such as this are valuable tools one can use to their advantage.

Why post regular updates on your business profile page?

Posting updates on your Google Business page everyday shows you have relevant, up-to-date information, which can also serve as keywords for higher rankings. Furthermore, daily updates can be a good way to show potential clients and customers that your business is attentive and proactive.


At iBCScorp™, we understand the importance of your business profile; that is why the very first thing we do in setting up your business online presence is to open or optimize your Google My Business profile. We also understand that there are a lot of technicalities that go into setting up your business profile. That is the reason we offer you the best in-house Google My Business profile experts to help you navigate the hurdles of setting up your page.  The importance of your business page visibility can not be overrated. In the physical world, it is not beneficial to build a brick and mortar shop in a place that is not visible and customers can’t walk in to find you. The same goes for your online business presence. Get in touch with iBCScorp™ today for the best Google My Business profile setup and optimization.

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