Google Marketing Partnership

What it Takes to Become a Google Marketing Platform Partner

Becoming a Google Marketing Partner is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise in essential digital marketing platforms, and earn the right to flaunt one of Google’s official certification badges.

Three Types of Google Partners

Google Certified Partners

Google Certified Partners are companies that have expertise particularly with Google Ads. This title is granted to companies which spend $10,000 on Google Ads in 90-days. Half of the marketers in these companies must have passed the Google Ads Certification Exam, and at least one employee must have passed exams in the following categories, as they pertain to the company: Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and Apps and spend $500 in 90-days on each. Additionally, they must have a Google Ads manager score of at least 70%, which simply means that Google has to think they are good at using the tool.

Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Someday, maybe we will be a Google Certified Partner, but this is more of a “Google Customer” badge than anything else.

Google Premier Partners

Google Premier Partners are companies who apply for an award (linked here), and are deemed by Google to be in the Top 3% of participating companies in their country. Google rates its competitors on how many new clients they bring to spend money on Google Ads, client retention, results-based performance based on spending in Google’s Display, Video, Shopping, and Apps categories, and the overall annual amount the company spends on Google Ads.

If a Google Certified Partnership doesn’t sound expensive, this sure does.

Does this badge benefit clients of these companies, or is it just a declaration that the client’s chosen company is large and has a lot of overhead costs? Google Certified Partner badges at least guarantee that a company can be trusted to use Google Ads at a 70% proficiency level, which doesn’t sound like a lot. This Premier Partners Badge, it’s just a “my company is bigger than your company” sticker.

Benefits Google proclaims available to these high-spend partners include discounts, 24-hour support, and member conferences. This program began in February of 2022, so we haven’t seen a whole lot of Premier Partner badges, and are unsure how popular or incentivizing this competition will turn out to be.

Google Marketing Platform Partner

What is the Google Marketing Platform?

Google Marketing Platform is Google’s dynamic set of digital marketing tools. It is important, because, well – to put it simply – who better to trust with your searchability on Google than Google itself? The Google Marketing Platform currently includes the following 8 tools:

  • Display & Video 360: Allows marketers to manage their video, audio, visual, and other multimedia campaigns all in one place.
  • Search Ads 360: Is used to automate and manage dynamic search engine marketing campaigns.
  • Google Analytics 360: Helps us measure and analyze data about the effectiveness of campaigns to optimize results.
  • Data Studio: A data visualization tool that creates graphs and reports for communicating about marketing campaigns amongst team members and with clients.
  • Optimize 360: A testing tool that offers and allows us to try various suggestions to increase website traffic.
  • Surveys: Creates market studies involving multiple segmentation options to gain insight into your target market.
  • Tag Manager 360: An SEO tool that facilitates the implementation of keywords and meta tags on your website to optimize search engine rankings.
  • Campaign Manager 360: This is an ad server for hosting, managing, and creating advertising campaigns.

What Makes a Google Platform Marketing Partner Different from Other Google Partners?

Rather than paying for membership in an exclusive club, the only requirement to become a Google Marketing Platform Partner is to be exceptionally good at utilizing at least one of the Google Marketing Platform tools to optimize marketing campaigns for clients. Often, Google Platform Marketing Partners excel in more than one tool, as the platform offers a consistent cross-product data integration, allowing the tools to work together to help digital marketers plan, measure, and optimize campaign performance.

So How is This Done?

By passing at least one of Google’s six certification exams through Google's Skillshop, skilled marketers and marketing teams can showcase their talents and earn a Google Marketing Platform Partner Badge, showing clients their expertise in the digital marketing industry.