Get 10x Increase on Your LinkedIn


Get 10x Increase on Your LinkedIn Engagement with LinkedIn Carousel Posts

Are you running out of ideas on your LinkedIn content strategy? Any company can relate with you, as we all experience this at some point. Sometimes it feels like there is just nothing else to post. If you are needing a boost, here are some things to consider.

With more than 260 million active users on LinkedIn, this platform is undoubtedly promising. It also prides itself in having the highest number of active business professionals making use of the platform on a daily basis than any other social network. Of all of the different types of posts, LinkedIn carousel is the most underused, but is an extremely effective way to increase engagement for your brand or product.

Why Use LinkedIn Post Carousels?

A LinkedIn post carousel is a great way to turn your static post into an entertaining series of carousel cards that help drive awareness  to your company page. Suddenly, you have a way of attracting lots of eyes that are ready and waiting to engage with your material.

As with any leveraging of the platform, you can use a document to increase engagement and clicks without having to spend money on ads.

A carousel post is a way for you to stand out, it takes a larger amount of real estate on the newsfeed, and since it is not technically an ad, people are more likely to scroll through the graphics.

How to Post Carousels on LinkedIn

Step 1. Start a new post from your newsfeed.

From your newsfeed or toolbar, begin to create a new post as you would for a general update.

On the bottom row, LinkedIn provides you with the option to post a picture, a video, or a document.

Step 2. Select the file you'd like to share.

Clicking on the document icon will open your files, allowing you to pick the document, graphic, , or gif you want to share.

You can also choose to upload a file from Dropbox or Google Drive, if you prefer.

Step 3. Give your file a captivating title.

Remember that the title needs to be interesting enough to attract people and make them want to stop and view it, so try to make it as descriptive and enticing as possible.

Step 4. Talk about it.

At this point, all you need to do is write compelling descriptive text.

LinkedIn Carousel Post Ideas

To make a LinkedIn carousel effective, you need to think outside the box. Here are some suggestions that you can use to engage your audience on LinkedIn:

Example #1

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

One way you can make use of your LinkedIn carousel is to display some photos or well-designed graphics. These can be informative images, or images that showcase your different products.

Example #2

Words still count.

Though photos are important, the use of well-structured words that follow defined typography rules can be a great way to present a LinkedIn carousel post.

Example #3

Information Presentation

Using your LinkedIn carousel post to do some kind of information presentation with both words and images can be a great way to drive engagement for your brand. Whether you want to present some data, or you want to present a "how to" post, this is a great way to do it. The possibilities are endless!

Major Takeaways

LinkedIn carousel is a great way for you to engage your audience with your brand. The most difficult part is coming up with ideas to share and making those ideas well-designed. Using carousel posts is a very easy way to entice clients while sharing notable content on LinkedIn.

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