Email Signatures

Is Your Email Signature Boring?

An email signature is the block of text automatically appended to the bottom of an email.  An email signature should be short and to the point.  It should also provide, if available, a company URL and contact information.

A standard email signature includes

  1. Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Address
  4. Phone #
  5. Website

If you are using social media as well, you might also want to include that at the bottom of your signature as those are good places where someone might go to learn more about you or your businesses products or services. If you are not using social media, you should be. It is a business essential in today's digital world. These links with your signature, will make it easier for someone to follow you or your business.

If you are doing an email campaign , you can also use website urls which have promotional products, customer testimonials, or links to promotional videos about company, but keep in mind that the signature block should be brief.

For example:

If you are using social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn and these sites are a large part of your online marketing, then these profiles should be your business profiles, and including them in your signature may help with your social networking performance.