iBCScorp™ Content Writing

iBCScorp™ Content Writing

One of the most important components of a successful business is having qualities unique to your business. iBCScorp™ has many of those qualities, but arguably, the most notable is in our content writing. Forbes tells us that 84% of companies outsource their content writing. While that may be partially true for iBCScorp™, the reason is much more unique, which leads us to believe that we are still a part of that other 16%.

Native-Written Content

iBCScorp™ has locations in Boise, Idaho, U.S.A.; Lagos, Nigeria; and Bangalore, India. How does it make sense for someone in Nigeria to write content about the United States? Furthermore, how does it make sense for someone in the United States to write content that is specific to India or Nigeria? That is what makes iBCScorp™ unique.

All of our content writers are native to the country for which they write. That means someone from Nigeria is writing content for products,websites, or services in Nigeria, and someone from the United States and India are writing content for products, websites, and/or services in the United States and India, respectively.

What do we write?

iBCScorp™ serves a wide variety of clients in various industries; from doctor’s websites to fish food, from digital marketing to shoe sales, iBCScorp™ has done it all. However, while we are experts at writing top-notch content, we are not necessarily experts in neuroscience or shoe sales in Sri Lanka. With this being the case, we still want to deliver the best possible product to our clients, and we can do that in three ways: research, collaboration with clients, and expert assistance.

Research-Based Content

All of our content creators have extensive experience with technology and research; for that reason, they are able to understand subjects with which they have not had a lot of first-hand experience. Because all of our writers are recipients of a Bachelor’s Degree, or higher, we know that they will be able to find the information the client needs on their website and understand it to a point where they can explain it in his or her own words. With this much research going into each and every piece they write, there is no doubt it will produce an incredible result!

Expert-Based Content

Another form of research is seeking experts who are able to explain the subject in more dimensions; this can give writers different points of view on how and what to write.

An example of when iBCScorp™ writers might use experts as sources is when writing about specific computer programs, languages, or frameworks. Even though the majority of the company’s employees are well-versed in software development, getting into the specifics about each individual program can be a bit more complicated. For this reason, iBCScorp™ hires people who specialize in these areas to ensure all of the content that is being written is accurate and correctly understood.

Client Collaboration-Based Content

Another way our writers can learn more about what our clients want them to produce is by going straight to the source: our clients! When potential clients come to iBCScorp™ for a free consultation, our project manager can determine what kind of content will need to be written. Knowing this will enable the writers to identify the best way to learn about that content. Oftentimes, the client has plenty to say about what they want on the site.

Our writers can meet with the client to learn about their style, preferences, business strategy, and information about the product or service itself. By collaborating with the client directly, the writers get first-hand information ensuring a more seamless experience for both parties.


To reference our policy;

Plagiarism is dishonest, deceitful, unethical, and unkind. The person who comes up with notable words or thoughts deserves to receive credit for his or her own ideas. At iBCScorp™, we do not tolerate any form of plagiarism. As content creators, it is vital that we carefully consider everything we produce as our own ideas, the ideas of our clients, or appropriately referenced ideas of others.

If you would like to read more about the our policy for plagiarism, or to read our corporate values, visit our webpage here:

Corporate Values

We Have Our Priorities Straight!

Maybe not all websites are created equally, but iBCScorp™ ensures that your website gets the attention it needs! Your website is just as important to us as ours is. The same content writers who update our website, based on their skillset and background, are the same writers creating for yours. Our clients are our greatest asset, and we prioritize all of our work accordingly. If our writers are good enough for us, then we know they will be good enough for you.

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