Certifiable SEO™

What is Certifiable SEO™?

Internet marketing is more than just “organic” search engine optimization. The term Internet Marketing refers to each element designed to part of a bigger internet marketing plan to help grow your company online. iBCScorp™ builds Certifiable SEO™ marketing plans for clients consisting of the following key elements:

Certifiable SEO™ is a subscription based product providing monthly reports detailing how your website's search engine optimization is progressing. It showcases what our SEO plans are for the next 30, 90, 180, 365 days , what we have done and what we plan on doing and evidence that it is working.

SEO is something which is not understood by most customers. At the same time most SEO companies are promising the world overnight, in often deceptive advertising. Our reports provide feedback, recommendations and consultative communication about our SEO efforts. It will detail the links we posted to your site, the articles we wrote, the change in keywords and your placement along with the number of searches in your relevant regions for those keywords.

We aim to be completely transparent with our SEO efforts, so that you know what you are getting from the outset and you obtain measurable results at the end of it. If you are interested in becoming a Certifiable SEO™ reseller, or finding a Certifiable SEO™ reseller, please contact us for more details. iBCScorp™ builds Certifiable SEO™ marketing plans for clients consisting of the following key elements:

  • Market Website Review: we review your web site and make revisions to aid in conversion, usability and search engine optimization. It's one thing to get the traffic to the web site, but if the web site does not convert into sales, the traffic is meaningless. We also spend a great deal of time working on precise calls-to-action and seek to drive prospects into your sales funnel. 

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the process of optimizing your web site to perform well in the search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo. The iBCScorp™ organic SEO team takes time to know your demographic. From our initial market research, we implement custom tailored meta tags, we optimize your web site copy, make navigation adjustments, install tracking software to monitor success, install search engine tools and create xml sitemaps for the search engines to easily digest your web site and much more. 

  • Pay Per Click Marketing: A targeted PPC campaign utilizing the right keywords placed in front of the right demographic at the right time (for the right price) can be a great tool to augment any Organic SEO campaign. The PPC experts at iBCScorp™ help our clients achieve results using PPC as part of a balanced Internet Marketing campaign. 

  • Social Media: Ever wonder about the power of Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook? How are businesses using these tools? The social media team at iBCScorp™ Web Solutions gets social media. We custom tailor a plan for your organization that clearly defines who you are and the message you wish to be sending. Social media can be a great tool if used properly and with purpose. 

  • Online PR / Press Releases: We compose and distribute newsworthy press releases online to put some authenticity behind your brand and or products. A well written press release distributed online (and offline) can also assist with quality search engine rankings in the form of quality backlinks. The PR team at iBCScorp™ has the know-how and expertise to get your story in the right strategic place online.

    The Internet marketing professionals at iBCScorp™ have the expertise to help craft and devise a specific Certifiable SEO™ marketing plan for your web site and online presence. Using tools such as Organic SEO, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), Pay Per Click (Google AdWords) and online & offline press releases, we have the expertise to create and execute your corporate online image.

    Call today, reference your sales rep, and receive a FREE Internet Marketing and SEO Checkup. We'll review your existing web site, educate you on how the Internet can help you draw market share and provide you with a free Internet Marketing Plan designed for YOUR unique marketing needs. We also build a certifiable schedule to track results. Call today to schedule your free NO obligation SEO checkup.