Brand and Website Building

Brand and Website Building for a Fish Food Product

The client was ready to introduce a new line of fish food. We built a brand and website for the new product.

Client Background

Our client has years of hands-on fish-keeping experience and high-quality ingredients. As a result, they created a new fish food product for the U.S. market. Our company assisted them in developing a website, an e-commerce store, and creating brand awareness to increase sales. We also designed all branding and product marketing materials.


As a new product with a new brand in a competitive market, the client had a lot of work to do to develop brand awareness. We helped them by developing the brand, and marketing it online.

Brand Awareness

In this case brand awareness is a particular problem because they are starting out with zero brand awareness. They didn’t even have a brand.

First we helped with a brand identity guide for the new brand. We developed the brand identity from the logo all the way through to product labels by working with their management and sales team.

This product was sold in stores and online.

This client combined our online digital marketing with sales persons visiting pet stores throughout the Las Vegas and Arizona markets to introduce and place their product.

Prior to starting the marketing, we developed a world class e-commerce website.

Website Development and Design

The process began by conducting research regarding the competitor’s products. This research was necessary to complete before registering the domain name to see what will be associated with the fish food brand, and to optimize the search results.

Before creating the full website, we created a “prototype” web design to be reviewed by the client. Once approved, iBCScorp™ continued with the process of developing the website.

We optimized each page for SEO and helped market it online using PPC and regionally focused work around the areas where the product was introduced.


The client was able to successfully introduce their brand into their target market. Unfortunately, based on the feedback from store owners, they decided to discontinue the product. In the end, we are unsure if the customer was profitable with this product launch. We do, however, know that they were happy with the work that iBCScorp™ did to help them market their product online, because they have referred multiple clients to us since this time.