AAWireless Technical

How We Helped AAWireless Technical Improve the Face of Their Business With an Intuitive Website

Upon the completion of iBCScorp™’s first Owerri job, we want to celebrate this moment. While  it is a monumental occasion for all of us at iBCScorp™, more importantly, it is a huge step forward for our client, AAWirelesstechnical, whose needs we were able to meet. But don't take our word for it; the director of AAWireless, Mr. Okwara Augustine, said,

“iBCScorp helped me set up my company's website at a price that didn't break my bank. I feel one thing you don't get around here is the quality of their work at the price they give it out. I would recommend iBCScorp™ a million times.”

The work we do for our clients is based on our conviction to help businesses thrive and profit.

What will having a website do for your business?

In short, developing a web presence for your business will increase your credibility and set you apart as a strong voice in your industry. Websites come with blog post pages that will enable you to voice your opinions steadily in your industry. You will also build and direct leads to your website, which serves as your online shop. There are about 5.6 billion online searches made daily (according to Statista), which means your business can get a share of this huge online traffic.

A well-set up online presence means that you can find and be found online.

Learn About Our Partnership Program

iBCScorp™ is currently promoting their partnership program that could be beneficial for you, meanwhile giving us the leverage we need to provide more services to businesses that would employ our expertise. If you would like more information on how we can help one another, visit our webpage at

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We use the best technical teams we can source locally, because we believe talent is found everywhere. Our team members are knowledgeable and masters of their craft. We also have project managers who have years of experience and have worked in the Silicons. With us it is a true partnership; you can trust that we will be there anytime, any day.