Search Engine Marketing and Optimization has become a necessity than a luxury for today's businesses. Most consumers' first port of call is google, if not yahoo or bing or the numerous other search engines out there.

Do you want to reach out to potential customers in Utah? Most online searches nowadays include a city, state, or even a neighborhood. We have the expertise to rank your business higher on localized keywords for Utah. You could be a local restaurant, retail store, or a law firm - your potential customers will turn to search engines to find you and we can help you get found.

One of the major problems with the SEO industry is its ambiguous deliverables.   Businesses who use the services of SEO companies are baffled by how they define its key performance indicators (KPIs) or the sheer absence of them.


With this in mind, iBCS offers SEO results that are measurable and comprehensible by the average business owner. It does what it says on the tin - it's Certifiable SEO because its capable of being guaranteed.  It guarantees clear, tangible results.


The Internet marketing professionals at iBCS have the expertise to help craft and devise a specific Certifiable SEO marketing plan for your web site and online presence. Using tools such as Organic SEO, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), Pay Per Click (Google AdWords) and online & offline press releases, we have the expertise to create and execute your corporate online image.

Contact us today to implement an SEO campaign for your business.