Internet Business Consulting Services (ibcscorp) has been doing ongoing web development work for the site Together Forever International ( Together Forever is a Russian and Ukrainian women connection service that wanted to add more up-to-date online dating tools to their site.

"Your best resource for thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women." The site is the place to network and explore possible love connections with women from these specific countries. The site will provide current online dating tools such as: online chat, video chat, and the abilities to search through profiles.

iBCScorp created the site using Ruby on Rails. iBCScorp is currently rewriting the application to make video chat services available and also working to modify membership and subscription services through the site.  Administrators of the site will also be able to manage the text content on their own by using build in features from Refinery Content Management System (CMS).  RefineryCMS is a relatively new CMS system, giving leverage to the IBCSCorp developers making it easier and faster to add CMS features to a very complicated site.

For marketing and SEO purposes having a Content Management system that allows for the posting of articles and newsletters is vital.

iBCScorp is a web development company located in St. George, Utah with another office location in Sri Lanka. For a free consultation on your website, please call 435-215-4674 or the toll free number 1-877-778-7882.