Internet Business Consulting Services ( recently contracted with Sub Zero Engineering ( to rebuild their existing website. Their current website had become outdated and they needed to be able to continually add new content to keep their site current with their product offerings and latest technology.  The site will be completed using a Joomla Content Management System.

“Let us engineer a solution for you,” is Sub Zero's statement of service. Sub Zero Engineering is a leading expert in creating containment systems for data centers, which help improve the efficiency of data center cooling.  The containment systems do this by keeping the hot side hot and the cold side cold, delivering the cold air to the servers and the hot air to the AC units. This improves their efficiency. Perhaps reducing air conditioning costs to 20% of what they were previously.  Great for the bottom line and great for the environment

Sub Zero Engineering has regional offices in the Salt Lake City Utah, Atlanta Georgia, and New Jersey areas and specialize mostly in containment systems. Containment systems reduce the amount of air conditioning and make it more cost efficient for data centers.

iBCScorp will be designing Sub Zero's website as well as working on implementing a Joomla Content Management System. There will also be some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other online marketing done for their site.

Sub Zero Engineering was pleased with the initial SEO Evaluation done and the progress being made in web development and in Search Engine Optimization work.

iBCScorp is a web development company in St. George, Utah. To contact them directly, call 435-215-4674 to receive a free consultation for your website.