iBCS are experts at Spree, a Ruby on Rails E-commerce Solution ideal for large e-commerce sites which trades thousands of products. Spree is designed to make customization and upgrades as simple as possible. The platform has immense amount of design flexibility and is considered to be one of the most leading Ruby on Rails platforms in the open source industry.

Our range of services for Spree development includes Spree customization, integration and functionality development for your online shop.

Spree customization and development

iBCS has the expertise to customise your online shop in in-numerous ways. For example we can help with:

  • Building templates to create a unique look for your e-commerce solution
  • Developing discount functionalities that could be applied at different purchase stages
  • Designing custom navigation to meet customer usability requirements

Spree Integration

iBCS is reputed for it's seamless integration with Spree. Be it integrating a payment system to your site or making it search engine friendly or setting up account and admin reporting tools, we have the experience to help you achieve a great Spree website powered by a robust backend structure.

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