SilverStripe CMS

IBCScorp has been developing SilverStripe websites since mid 2007 and has many developers with extensive experience in creating and implementing SilverStripe websites. SilverStripe is a user friendly, easy to maintain CMS web application tool. IBCScorp can customize SilverStripe to fit to your exact needs.

SilverStripe CMS was originally developed by SilverStripe Ltd a New Zealand web application development company. They open sourced their product knowing the benefits of open source software.  Since they made this move, a fast growing community has started to gather around SilverStripe. Although it is a relatively new player in the CMS world, its popularity as a CME / CMS E-commerce solution is rapidly increasing.

Sapphire Web Framework

The power of SilverStripe lies on the Sapphire Web Framework Sapphire Web framework provides the underlying tools upon which the CMS system is built. The great thing about SilverStripe being built on Sapphire is that it gives the developers the ability to rapidly extend the capabilities of the CMS and add new functionalities that don't come with the default set up. The methods of doing this are straight forward as they are defined by Sapphire and the coding convention keeps the site easy to read and understand; as long as it is followed. The Sapphire Framework is written in object oriented PHP. Object Oriented PHP brings a lots of good developing techniques and advantages with it such as code re-usability, reliability, robustness, extensibility, and maintainability.

Easy CMS

The SilverStripe CMS itself is very straight forward and easy to learn; even clients who have no previous CMS experience can pick it up quickly. Most of our clients were able to use it without instructions! SilverStripe is popular for its easy, user friendly editing system and the admin User Interface provides many good features blended in with AJAX .

Eye catching web sites

SilverStripe  does not impose any restrictions on the template system compared to other CMS solutions.  Therefore it doesn't limit your creativity when designing front end templates.

What kind of website is best suited with SilverStripe?

From our previous SilverStripe experiences we feel that it is best suited for small and medium sized web sites/ applications. It may be a personal or a company website, a blog, a small scale online web store or a e-commerce system. As SilverStripe is a extremely flexible system, web sites can be built quickly and easily with the expected quality.

MVC Architecture in SilverStripe

Sapphire is an object oriented PHP5 web framework in SilverStripe. Sapphire's MVC ( Model-View-Controller ) approach allows you to separate code from logic easily.  Sapphire's out of the box classes  sets a flexible environment to build logical, easily reusable code in.

Template Engine in SilverStripe

Silverstripe template engine allows you to create dynamic templates easily. By doing simple modifications to CSS files, your silverstripe website could have a completely brand new look. SilverStripe is not only a great and flexible CMS, but it also has a e-commerce module to add a online store to your business easily.