Ruby Language Ruby on Rails

We've been building Ruby on Rails powered web applications since iBCS's inception 5 years ago. One of our biggest ROR projects was creating a free, online classified advertising site. is a online sales site with proprietary valuation tools and superior search capabilities. The site – hosts free listings of items in virtually every category, from homes for sale to free kittens. It bears witness to the immense capabilities of Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails has the rapid development principle of Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) at its core and iBCS ROR developers stays true to that principle and deliver swift and on budget web applications. Ruby on Rails allows us to produce  high quality solutions with less resources.

Ruby is our passion. It allows us to build well engineered applications quickly. Ruby on Rails's philosophy forces us to think about the quality of the work we deliver. It imposes practices on us that at the end of the day helps us win customers by providing solutions that simply work. - Nuwan Chaturanga (Lead Ruby Developer)

The culture within our ruby on rails development team is key to the success of our projects. We have:

  • Small teams of experts
  • A strong belief in test first development
  • Keen advocates of Agile project management
  • Appreciation of elegance and simplicity

One of our favorite Ruby On Rails Projects‚Äč