Removing content from Google.

There are many reasons why people would want to remove content from Google.  In fact there are 240,000 searches in the US and 450,000 searched for remove from Google worldwide each month.

Our main concern with removing content from Google is Reputation Management.  Another post that we did talks about how to protect a business or personal reputation by immunizing yourself from negative attacks through the publishing of proper positive content:immunize for reputation management, it is still a good idea to remove negative content from Google and Bing when  you can.

Content can be removed from Google search engine index if:

The content is no longer on the original site.  Yes if information is removed from the original site, and you want it removed more quickly than normally Google might remove it from their index automatically, this can be done by requesting for it to be removed.

The content is posting information Google considers to be private information like a social security number or credit card

The content is considered adult in nature and is showing up on filtered searches.

This link will take you to a removal page for requesting that content be removed from Google:  Remove page from Google's search results

If the site has your name, business name or other information on an adult site, you can remove that here:

  remove from google adult content

If the offending page has content that is private such as a social security information or other removal requests can be found here:

remove other content from google

Looking to remove your content from bing?  remove from bing