PHP is an open-source scripting language specifically for Web development.  PHP can be embedded into any HTML page.  PHP is a server-side language that offers great functionality. PHP has become very popular among web programmers and the web community in general.  It is very often used for open-source development.
iBCS Corp is a PHP web development company located in Utah.  Our professional team of PHP programmers are experts in PHP application programming.  We work hard to produce great, efficient web sites for you.

We provide PHP programming services to create php backed sites ranging from web stores, entertainment, kids sites, travel, advertising, to community web portals.

iBCS  PHP Development includes html, CSS, MySQL, Javascripts, xml, AJAX etc. ensuring maximum quality for your PHP web Application or  php web site. All our PHP programmers are fully conversant on the very latest technologies available in the market today.

PHP Programming or PHP Development Advantages:

  • Ability to embed itself into HTML code
  • Low development and maintenance costs
  • Runs on various platforms such as Windows, Linux and Unix
  • Compatible with servers like Apache and IIS
  • High performance and reliability
  • Supports databases such as MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid and PostgreSQL , etc

Some of our PHP programming Web sites include:

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