Internet Business Consulting Services Corporation (iBCSCorp) is proud to release The website features a wide variety of products geared toward members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.

“Your source for everything temple,” is the overall theme for the site. There is a wide array of products available through the site, such as: temple artwork, temple clothes, temple home décor, books about the temple, even temple tours. This site will enable consumers to purchase LDS products regardless of location.

The ldstemplestore website includes artwork of featured artists such as: Al Rounds, Chad Hawkins, Courtney Lunt, Eric Dowdle, Jeremy Winborg, Jon McNaughton, Kendall Davenport, Larry Winborg, Sandra Rast, Marcia Johnson, and Steve Bartholomew.

Another fun thing about LDS Temple Store is the wide variety of temple related products.  Art takes on many forms, and you can see a lot of them on this site, CTR Rings, Current Temple Recommend Holder rings, carvings, recommend holders and more. worked to build the site using silverstripe e-commerce software. They also implemented auto-generated e-mails and pdf invoice attachments for  Some of the complicated features included data migration to silverstripe.