CakePHP Oursourcing offers CakePHP Programming Services.  We provide CakePHP Application Framework development services for direct clients, and CakePHP outsourcing services to other development companies.  We welcome development companies to use our offshoring or outsourcing services  for their CakePHP development projects.

PHP Frameworks

Unlike other development platforms, PHP has a vast number of open-source web frameworks that follow MVC (Model-View-Controller) design patterns. CakePHP, PHPOnTrax, CodeIgniter, and Zend Framework are some of the most popular frameworks. Each has very distinct advantages and disadvantages. For example CodeIgniter is famous for its small footprint and fast performance. On the other hand Zend Framework is popular for its loosely written but rich set of modules/libraries.  Even MVC is a separate module for the Zend Framework.

Due to these various strengths and weaknesses, electing a framework for your application should be done with a lot of care. Application performance, development time/cost and the required learning curve are some of the factors to be considered when making this decision.

Why CakePHP?

Relative to other frameworks, CakePHP has a lower learning curve. Once CakePHP is properly setup in your environment, you can start application development even without referencing the documentation. CakePHP's error messages and notices are self explanatory. So you not only get the problem definition but the solution as well! However, despite its user friendly nature, sound knowledge in the framework is mandatory to get the best out of CakePHP.

CakePHP follows convention over configuration paradigm, which reduces or eliminates many complexities that might arise at later stages of the application development process. This process cuts down on development time as well.

CakePHP reduces development time in several ways. Firstly, it provides ready-made components to develop common functionalities. For example you can develop an Ajax enabled web application using Cake's built in Ajax component, without writing a single line of Javascript. Secondly, Object-relational mapping (ORM) layer of CakePHP clearly separates RDBMS from your application and makes your source code almost if not completely free from traditional SQL queries.

Due to its unique simple features, CakePHP cuts down on development time drastically compared to other frameworks. This saves time and money to all parties concerned!

Our Experience

Currently we are utilizing version 1.3 in our projects. The main negative about CakePHP is its low performance compared to other frameworks; there are several reasons behind this. Main reason being that Cake handles many lower level functionalities rather than just providing a development model. This simplifies development tasks whilst impacting productivity. Furthermore, CakePHP still supports PHP 4 and 5 versions. In future releases, PHP 4 support will be dropped and this will hopefully reduce the work load on the framework.

There are various techniques which can be applied to improve application performance. Some are general techniques used with PHP and some are more specific to CakePHP. In addition to techniques such as APC cache, Memcached ; good programming techniques in CakePHP definitely positively impacts application performance.

CakePHP natively supports the SimpleTest testing framework. We believe CakePHP is a great choice as we actively encourage Test Driven Development (TDD) within our organization.

Why use IBCSCorp CakePHP Outsourcing Services?

Different projects have different characteristics. So instead of always using a single framework, we recommend selecting a framework that best suits your project. CakePHP is a great option for handling small to large scale, database driven web applications.

Where ever you are based, be it  Utah, Nevada or California,  we are here to help you with your business.

If you have any doubts in selecting CakePHP for your upcoming project or have been facing any issues with your existing Cake application, we are here to answer your questions and help you. Simply contact us.

Here are a few of our Cake PHP related projects

  • MyActTV - Created in CakePHP 1.1, this talent broadcasting site handles a large volume of video data. We also programmed conversion (ffmpeg) and credit card processing (including recurring billing) functionalities to the site.
  • ShowMyGarden - Created in CakePHP 1.2 for MokiSystems
  • Freedom Travel 4 You - A CakePHP based admin panel was created for this site which was successfully integrated to a wordpress frontend.
  • Bam4Bids - This is a Penny Auction system with paypal integration.
  • DSM